Summon The Birds – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth – Audio

The Australian alt-rock band Summon The Birds were introduced last year.

Summon The Birds - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Summon The Birds

Earlier in the month they released the six track LP Blood Love, which is available on bandcamp.

A set of songs in to which the listener digs their spoon in sumptuous dumplings of warming music that makes life better for its very presence.

The material is drawn from that well of the creativity of early ’70s progressive psychedelia which they approach from the direction of that materials folk inspired derivative, to create songs that hold a calm, yet multilayered and slightly trippy, texturing without throwing the mind in to a full on psychotropic trip, rather stretching out on scattered cushions while gazing at a ceiling aglow with spinning purple hued crystal refractions of light.

The just under eight and a half minutes antepenultimate track is Journey To The Centre Of The Earth being my pick of the release.

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Summon The Birds – London Tap Water – Audio

The Australian alt-folk quartet Summon The Birds release the LP Blood Love later in the year.

Summon The Birds

Summon The Birds

Drawing influences from across a disparate range of influences they deliver music that always offers different refraction. Having been around for some little while they have gained composure over the years allowing them to expand on the derivations of individual songs.  Blood Love, which is the follow-up to their 2012 LP 48, based on what I have heard, is of different countenance with more sarcastic commentary delivering deeper texturing and layering of music, though still distinctly steeped in folk .

The first song to surface, which will be released as a stand alone single (available on bandcamp) tomorrow, follows on from the refrain of the last single Diggers (2013) with a splosh from newwave – though in this occasion rather than hinting of Quite Unnerving, one finds oneself thinking more of the sardonic humour of Splodgenessabounds.

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