BLESS. – Easy Lover – Single Review

The English alt-rock quintet BLESS. are, deservedly, developing a growing audience.



Coming out through official release later in the year is the single Easy Lover – and those for sharper eyes and ear who have been with the site for a few years will spot the similarity betwixt an article from 2010 about The Supernovas and you would not be wrong to draw reference as Bless. is drawn from the quartet plus keys provided by Kieran. Though I am given to believe that Dizzo is bowing out with health issues and I wish him all the best and my thanks to him for providing many years of pleasure to audiences across the globe.

With very different texture, afforded by the addition of keys, BLESS. deliver music which like a dark shadow appearing at the door, looms in to the room casting a darkening pall through the audience in which they rapidly quiet voices as the impressive parade of deeply resonating percussion / bass combinations are merged with the two guitars providing the depth of composition with the synths providing the entrancing colouration through which a duality of vocals drift in and out of harmonics delivering a track in Easy Lover that the listener only regrets that it lasts a mere three minutes and fifty seconds.


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Electric Eye – Bless – Video

The Norwegian psychedelic-drone quartet Electric Eye will be releasing the LP Different Sun on the 5th of February 2016.

Electric Eye - Different Sun - artwork

Electric Eye – Different Sun – artwork

From the seven track album – Bless is a number drenched in reverberating guitars and expansive keys which, like a pall of joss-stick smoke, floods the room in scent. The listener can feel themselves drifting into an induced mind altering ebb and flow of hazy reality and fantasy.

Teeming with ’60’s and ’70s reference points, Electric Eye are nonetheless able to deliver, in Bless, a track that has a sense of the here and now as the quartet provide the audience with music that strips out much of the whimsy of source material without loosing any sense of the hallucinogens.

Bless – Single – Electric Eye was released as a single on the 25th and is available on iTunes.*

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