Destrends – Blackout – Audio

The Australian new-wave trio Destrends are planning to release the LP Lousy Lover towards the end of March.

Destrends - Blackout


First introduced in 2015, Destrends, have always been a trio to clear out the eardrums and Blackout is of similar vein.

A combination of instrumentation and guitar bursts through the speakers, prior to the distinctive vocal joining in, resultingly, dispersing the knots of introduction and creating spaces allowing Blackout to fill the room with their gothic architecture in a just under four and a half minutes track that highlights, once again Destrends is a band possessing considerable song-writing and delivery capability.

On the basis of Blackout, Lousy Lover, will be an EP to add to the collection.

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New Year Ninety 2017 – 30 to 21

Although each year over 1 500 new bands are featured it is a fraction of the 300 plus bands a day who make an introduction and I would like to thank all musicians for doing what they do, whether in the New Year Ninety, ever featured or not – your creativity is appreciated – The New Year Ninety from 30 to 21…

Them Rumblin Bones - New Year Ninety 2017

Them Rumblin Bones

30. Hello Casanova (Northern Ireland)

I’ll Be Waiting is available on Amazon.*

29. Hidden Charms (England)

Cannonball is available on Amazon.*

28. Yes You Are (USA)

27. Temper Cartel (England)

26. Boom Child (Ireland)

25. Them Rumblin’ Bones (Australia)

Them Rumblin’ Bones is available on bandcamp

24. The Gloomies (USA)

Blackout – EP – The Gloomies is available on iTunes.*

23. Curse Of Lono (England)

22. The Cut Losses (Canada)

Lightning Dolphin – EP – The Cut Losses is available on iTunes.*

21. Sharn (New Zealand)

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The Gloomies – Bleached Out – Audio

The US garage-synth trio The Gloomies will be releasing the EP Blackout on the 1st of April.

The Gloomies - Bleached Out

The Gloomies

The opening track of the five on the release – Bleached Out has been made available in advance of time.

Marking a new direction of travel The Gloomies have centred their sound and whilst not exactly balancing recording, there is a calmer distortion that threads through Bleached Out giving the track a new presence. The synths are allowed to take far greater prominence, enabling the trio to stretch out the sounds, giving the composition a more spacious playground than previously heard.

Once senses The Gloomies are moving more towards the Mojave and leaving Long Beach as a distant horizon.

Blackout – EP – The Gloomies is available on iTunes.*

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