Adam and the Plants

Adam And The Plants from Jersey City in The USA is the alt-indie band of Adam Nicholas Copeland (Vocals / Guitar / Keys / Percussion), Gary Laurie (Guitar), Lloyd L. Naideck (Drums), Henry Prol (Bass / Vocals) and Scott N. Kith (Guitar / Vocals).

Adam And The Plants - alt-rock from the USA

Adam And The Plants

If Naideck, Copeland and Laurie as a combination rings a bell, thank you for being a long term reader, as these three were in Black Water, introduced in 2012. Adam And The Plants is an altogether different animal, as the more tender melodies are given front-plate.

Utilising varying levels of emphasis Adam And The Plants is able to invest the music with spacious generosity of texture as the electronics, and strings are given room to flow around the ears, with an accompanying subtle bass and percussion, which seamlessly provides a pivot to the musings, whilst vocal balances the compositions with their inflections that build and subside with the music.

Formed last year Adam And The Plants have built their architecture from material written prior to the precedence of the band, which has arrived as a début LP – The End Of The World set for release via bandcamp on the 1st May.

It will be interesting to find how Adam And The Plants develop with compositions written post apocalypse, with all members being involved.


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