Circus worlD – Black Swan – Video

Circus worlD, an alt-rock duo from the Isle Of Man, released the EP – The Burning Well E​.​P. this month.

Circus WorLD - The Burning Well E​.​P. - artwork

Circus WorLD – The Burning Well E​.​P. – artwork

Having lain dormant for over a decade Mark Sayle and Mikie Daugherty (who you may well recall is in Postcode got together with an idea for a song. Finding they were enjoying the process one song became more songs resulting in the release of The Burning Well E​.​P. . A release that is available on bandcamp as either a five track digital EP or as a ten track CD LP.

In either version – the opening track is Black Swan.

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Pilod – Level 4 – Audio

The Belgian sombre-rock trio Pilod released the LP Black Swan on the 22nd.



Akin to drawing black-out curtains across the windows during a power-cut the darkness immediately envelops the listener on hitting play as Pilod deliver their low-slung dampened sounds.

The clash of cymbals gives the music an intriguing counter-point as they are the only point of light in the bleakness.

There is an impressive mastery to the out-put which rather than afearing the audience finds the mind embracing the compositions and as opposed to fervidly scrabbling for light – desiring the immersion to extend far longer.

From the nine track just under forty minute Black Swan (available on bandcamp) the fifth and longest – coming in at three hundred and seventy seventy seconds – my pick of the release Level 4.

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Astrid’s Tea Party – Black Swan – Video

The English dark-synth band Astrid’s Tea Party were introduced last year.

Astrid's Tea Party - Black Swan - artwork

Astrid’s Tea Party – Black Swan – artwork

Their latest single is Black Swan.

Black Swan – Single – Astrid’s Tea Party is available on iTunes.*

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