Lower Cut

Lower Cut from Athens in Greece, is the dream-rock quintet of Eirini Argyri (Vocals), Alex Darmis (Synths / Samples / Programming), Yannis Efthymiou (Bass / Synths / Programming), Billy Mpaldos (Drums) and Vangelis Stavroulakis (Guitar).

Lower Cut - dream-rock from Greece

Lower Cut

Lower Cut are able to fuse the electronic gadgets with instrumentation to deliver music overflowing with textures and moods, yet able to push the played instruments forward in performance to allow the quintet to provide the audience with a sense of connectivity and rounding out the compositions is a luscious vocal that spreads around the room like butter melting into crumpets.

The electronics, whilst the spine of the sound, are not overwhelming as their dreamy layers drift luxuriantly across the ears, to which a forceful percussion cleaves a path through the mistiness and the guitar punctuates the refrains. It is the ability of the voice to create a further dimension to the out-put that raises Lower Cut to a band it is well worth investing time.

Having taken a few months out from live performance, Lower Cut are set to come back to the stage and by reports a band to get out to see, for those not able to get to gigs their recorded material is worth adding to the collection.

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