Band of the Month – July 2018 – Readers’ Choice

From time to time the Readers and myself are singing from the same song-sheet and the July Readers’ Choice For Band of The Month is one of those times…

Big Deal - Band Of The Month July 2018

Big Deal

… the politically charged Indian protest hip-hop musician – Big Deal.

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Big Deal – Are You Indian – Video

The Indian protest hip-hop producer Big Deal released the single Are You Indian on the 6th.

Big Deal

Big Deal

Are You Indian reflects of a specific long held division between the main body of India and the North East Region with a song title that is perfectly self explanatory. Whilst of specific focus to India these similar divisions are globally spread with countries dividing themselves in to cliques and factions with deep distrust between one another, for little purpose other than a narrative based on no rationale.

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