BhadWaiz – Young Legend – Audio

The US hip-hop artist BhadWaiz revealed the latest track Young Legend yesterday.

BhadWaiz - photo by @hiphopcbus

BhadWaiz – photo by @hiphopcbus

With a more concentrated wave of sound, hence more brooding, than music previously featured in Young Legend, BhadWaiz, is still able to deliver a powerful message of the realities of loss and waste without needing to blast out the windows.

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BhadWaiz – Lucid Reasons – Video

BhadWaiz is an electro-rap artist from the USA.



Cognisant and reflective of the realities of day to day grind BhadWaiz, delivers in Lucid Reasons, a track that seeks to raise levels of hope.

By avoiding becoming overtly braggart, it is through the softly brushed melodic palette that the listener can find a sympathetic and supportive soundtrack in which to enjoy the powerful arrangement.


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