Avindale from El Paso in the USA is the alt-indie quintet of Oscar A. (Vocals / Keys / Guitar), Gary E. (Bass), Chris G. (Guitar), Beto (Drums) and Oscar D. (backup vocals / Percussion).

Avindale - photo by Joe Nunez


Intrinsic to the sounds are strong flowing melodies, which give the out-put a full presence. Balancing between the heavily orchestrated and more basal rock derivation,  Avindale give the resulting compositions a smart pair of loafers, without it ever treading into lounge music.  An impressive vocal is able to inject a sympathetic grounding to the final deliverable and whilst the ears will find much to follow in the instrumentation, it is the voice that truly captivates.

With many years experience behind them it is unsurprising that Avindale have been able to smooth out the ridges, but they have successfully been able to retain the connection between the song-writing process and final delivery which gives the music a credibility as well as an easy temper.

This is music to take out on a balmy summers evening whilst relaxing with a few friends.

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