Best Behavior – Say – Audio

The US indie quartet Best Behavior released the single Say on the 4th.

Best Behavior - photo credit @jeanettedmoses

Best Behavior – photo credit @jeanettedmoses

Last featured back in 2015 – once again the pinpoint accuracy engages, not for its complexity rather, for its simplicity and the audience finds themselves threading across the dancefloor with the music without making any conscious decision.

Say (available on bandcamp) is a song that should pass by without comment – yet somehow it finds itself a wormhole that needs repeat as reference points from britpop skitter through the room, wrapped inside breezy surf – and the day seems better for it all.

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Best Behavior

Alex GruenburgAlex Heigl, Jon Mann and Chris Jimenez from New York in the USA form the garage rock band Best Behavior.

Best Behavior - Photo by Mike Prieto

              Best Behavior – Photo by Mike Prieto

Melting psychedelia, surf and garage together Best Behavior provide the ears with some fine slices of sound you will want to stream through the ears frequently. Formed at the beginning of the year they have been able to get out an early LP, which was released on the 14th, Good Luck Bad Karma (available on bandcamp), that will enable them to build on the local buzz currently surrounding them, to a far broader audience.

Best Behavior is able to deliver slowly paced numbers which contain sparkly guitars as well as faster echoing strings, allowing them to keep audiences invested in the activity. There is an underlaying ’60s felt to the out-put which they successfully add to the mix, without it becoming the core of the sound as the quartet provide a surprisingly wide range of textures given the base-line of easy framework.

These twists and turns are what makes the band add considerably to the world of music. The tracks rarely stretch above the three minute mark, yet Best Behavior is able to pack those nuggets with complexities that seems to stretch time.


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