Ben Sommers – Dark Blue Lullaby – Audio

It was back in 2011 that the alt-rock musician Ben Sommers from England was introduced.

Ben Sommers

Ben Sommers

From the forthcoming fifteen track LP Bits Of Pigs And Peaces, a follow-up to Avocado Chip, which comes out on the 9th March  – the sixth piece – Dark Blue Lullaby.

I am also given to understand a couple of new LPs are on their way – I will keep you posted with news.

For those of longer stay – you may also recognise the name Ben Sommers who has now just started, kindly, finalising the videos to accompany both the Indie Music Tips and A Conversation With… series.

The music features, not for the video support – as you know nepotism is not a strong point of mine – rather, for its intrinsic value and if you don’t find yourself joining in the stomp around the room, I think you are reading the wrong website.

Bits of Pigs and Peaces – Ben Sommers is available on iTunes.*

For more release news – Emerging Indie Bands on Google+ is a good place to try.

*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

A Conversation With….. Ilima Considine

In October I had the opportunity to speak to Ilima Considine also known as The Sexbots.

A Conversation with.... Ilima Considine

A Conversation with…. Ilima Considine

We talk about the cold, running around in the woods in a nightgown, the emotional turmoil of creating and performing music and much more…

More about Ilima Considine.

Support The Sexbots on Patreon.

Songs For Jamil is available via bandcamp.

With thanks to Ben Sommers who is a musician and also works with the Video Production Company Smoke No Pony for his help in stepping in and putting images to the audio.