The Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit an indie rock band from Bremen in Germany is Kai KampfTom Wagner and Ben Safier.

The Eternal Spirit - indie rock from Germany

The Eternal Spirit

Like squeezing fresh lemon there is a bursting zest to the sounds produced by The Eternal Spirit which bounce around the room in a spray of vitality. The compositions are smartly delivered by the trio with a lightness of touch that lifts the spirits of the listener.

There is a bluesy lilt to some of the material which gives it an alternative texture not often found in the genre and makes for an intriguing journey working through the catalogue of material. The Eternal Spirit is able to extend their range from disco to reggae influenced indie rock with an easy hand on the tiller, whilst retaining a reference that marks out their signature sound and for a trio that ability to spread their net so wide coherently is something of a pleasure.

Underneath the ear friendly compositions there lays a connection with the audience and it will be interesting to follow their progress as they are perhaps a band out of context with the local region as this would sit well in the UK and gain far higher visibility than thus far achieved. A new EP is set for release in May, one can only hope this extends their range of fans.


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