Sherpa is Early SansBen JackDaniel Barrett and Vince McMillan – an alternative indie band from Auckland in New Zealand.

Sherpa - alternative indie from New Zealand.


There is a retrospective ’60s feel to Sherpa. The music calls to mind glass blowing, as the molten silica is formed into recognizable shapes. Sherpa deliver a slightly fuzzed undercurrent that, as it develops, winds in to focus and the music takes on distinguishable formations.

Easy to engage with and immediately engrossing the quartet have a decent handle on song writing and composition. Their earlier work, despite its undoubted strength, I am left with a slight feeling of the munchies, akin to eating a Chinese takeway – satisfying, but – the hunger pangs arriving soon afterwards. The reason for this is the frequent lack of a well defined percussion and bass line, which as regular readers know, I often need, to shape the out-put. Sherpa benefit by bringing these lower registers more easily accessible to the listener, as they do on their recent  single – Love Films, which sadly I am unable to share with you.

I am hoping that Sherpa continue with this sharper definition in the forthcoming LP as it raises them to a far higher plane and a space which gives them a far stronger impact. It will be interesting to see if the quartet have transitioned to a more powerful sound as the single would indicate, or whether the single is a one off – time will tell.


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