Launch Control

Seb Olrog (Drums), Alex J (Guitar / Vocals) and Lee Switzer (Bass / Vocals) from Reading in England form the protest-rock outfit Launch Control.

Launch Control

Launch Control

Having been around for a few years, since the reveal of the single Cardiac Arrest in 2012 (available on bandcampLaunch Control have never lost their zeal in delivering music of political fulmination wrapped in high octane pulses of rock.

As regular readers will know I am often to be found wearing a pair of 14 hole DMs as I write reviews, ready to launch in to a pogo at any opportune moment and unsurprisingly I have spent as much time colliding with desks and chairs listening to the back-catalogue of material as I have spent at the keyboard typing. For those wishing to keep their furniture intact –  Launch Control are not a trio who work purely by volume and sweat on the brow as the music and lyric flow around each other with considered approach.

The percussion sets the mood for the pieces, whilst guitar delivers the compression while the bass is given the space to flow betwixt the two as vocal, rather than raging, delivers considered enunciation, the totality of which is a series of songs which allow the audience either to hoick up the speakers or leave them on level playing field and in either setting Launch Control are able to deliver compositions which clearly assimilates the context of their framing.

From their most recent release Behind Redacted Lines (also available on bandcamp) Moving Targets.

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