The Vinyl Records – Turbulence – Audio

The Vinyl Records – an alt-rock band from India – are due to release an as yet unnamed LP next month.

The Vinyl Records - Turbulence

The Vinyl Records – Turbulence

The Vinyl Records have featured on the site frequently since 2013 always producing a fiery new-wave burst of sound. In the track Turbulence from the forthcoming album, there is a more mellowed flow to the material and it will be interesting to discover if this marks a new direction of travel.

Turbulence features Kartik Pillai from Begum on vocals, another band who have regularly featured.

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Begum from Delhi in India is – Kshitij Dhyani (Bass), Karan Singh (Drums / Keys) and Kartik S Pillai (Guitar / Vocals) – a band of eclecticism.

Begum - eclecticism from India


Confluences of psychedelia, tradition, reggae, rock, experimentalism and more meets at Begum and the resulting out-put is somewhere to spend many a happy moment. Formed last year, their début ten track LP Bagh appeared last month and is a tour of much variety.

The trio do not chain themselves to any one idea and this flexibility means that each track serves a highlight to the style each and every-time as they rarely come back to explore the same idea again. The deftness of touch displayed by Begum is a testament to their observational style, though one doesn’t feel as though listening to compositions that hold no relationship to the emotional consideration of the players rather a reality of their very connectivity with disparity.

Surprisingly Begum is, at present, more of a side-project than core focus with each member being involved with other things, which perhaps means the longevity of the band is in question. For now, with fortune – it does exist and producing music that adds much to the tapestry, long may they decide to work with each other.


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