BEATNIKBOY – My Ways – Video

The German indietronic trio BEATNIKBOY were introduced in 2014.

BEATNIKBOY - Empire - artwork

BEATNIKBOY – Empire – artwork

At that stage the LP Empire was anticipated for release in 2015, after a slight delay the album surfaced earlier this year.

The penultimate of the six tracks – My Ways – is just over three minutes of crystallised synth and pithy drum, combining with scattered guitars, overlayed by calmly paced vocal providing the listener with a song that can’t help but leave a smile and a limbered up body.

Empire – EP – Beatnikboy is available on iTunes.*

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BEATNIKBOY – Hey Boy With The Pornographic T-Shirt – Video

BEATNIKBOY from Germany are planning on the release of an EP – Empire next year.



Still making the final edits as it is as yet undecided whether this will be a five or six track release – an early piece affirmed for Empire is Hey Boy With The Pornographic T-Shirt.


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