Riket – Lost My love – Single Review

The Swedish dark-folk duo Riket revealed the track Lost My Love less than ten hours ago.



Those of sharper ears may think you recognise one part of the duet of voices as being the distinctive sound of Bea from LaDiDa and you would be right –  amongst other projects Bea teams up with Jennifer Lander to form the darkened sounds of Riket.

There is a mystical beauty in the resonance of the just under four minute track which finds the listener seeking the cloak of Gothic Architecture in which to fully enjoy Lost My Love.

I am looking forward to hearing more during the course of 2017 and word arrives of thoughts of an EP on distant wings.

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LaDiDa from Gothenberg in Sweden is Bea, Rat, Andy, Erik an alt-indie band.

LaDiDa - alt indie from Sweden


Changes in line-up and band name has seen LaDiDa burrowed away in a time-capsule for the past few years, but they are now back bursting with even more energy than previously. Working on a new release whilst getting out on the road again the quartet are back with a bang. I have had the opportunity of hearing two of their demo recordings which would indicate their new release coming out some time early next year will be worth getting hold of. The music from a few years ago however does justice to the new sounds as there remains a distinctive and unforgettable vocal infused with the infectious enthusiasm of the music which showers ohms through the speakers.

For the first time in many years I found myself doing some exercise with the first cup of coffee of the day as the need to pogo overwhelmed the need for caffeine. As many of you know from my previous writing, that is a pretty mean feat as not only do I start drinking coffee before my eyes open, it also takes a coffee to get me off to sleep at night. What a great start to the day and I look forward to hearing more of these tracks before they end up on the finished product. The raw bleeding edges are exactly what LaDiDa are about and I hope they don’t put on too many layers of make-up before letting it loose more widely, for now, unless you are going to be seeing them in Sweden live, you will have to take my word for it as I am unable to share these demo tracks.

From the archives, but giving a good idea what LaDiDa is all about here is something from a couple of years ago.


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