Black Flowers Cafè

Black Flowers Cafè from Cosenza in Italy is the electro-alt-rock quartet of Antonio Nicoletti (Drums), Angelo Zicca (Guitar), Gaetano Lidonnici (Bass) and Fernando Rennis (Vocals/ Guitar / Synth).

Black Flowers Cafè - electro-alt-rock from Italy

Black Flowers Cafè

Black Flowers Cafè produce sounds which flow around firmly staked bass, which gives the tracks their pivot point, to which the quartet paint the colour palette of influences. Ranging from the Psychedelic to indie rock, despite the breadth they are able to provide a commonality of theme which finds the listener wrapped inside the various textures.

Black Flowers Cafè have an experimental air that gives the output a sense of discovering new edges, without ever disappearing into over complex ideas. This fresh angle whilst retaining reference points allows the audience to invest in the track being played, whilst looking forward with anticipation to the next.

A few years behind them, with releases dating back to 2011, has given Black Flowers Cafè the confidence and poise to deliver music which surprises as much as it delights with the disparities of context and they succeed in delivering well thought through complexity to compositions whilst not asking the listener to have a PhD in music theory to be able to fall into the seamless textures.

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