Yasar – Lemmy (Superhero Music) – Audio

The Bangladeshi traprock creator Yasar releases the LP Indietrap on the 7th.

Yasar - Indietrap


The approximately seventeen minutes album (available on bandcamp) fills the room with a sumptuous warmth as combinations of electronica, guitar and vocal fold into each other akin to soft peak whipped egg whites.

The antepenultimate track is Lemmy (Superhero Music).

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Yasar – Away From Me – Single Review

The Bangladeshi retro-rock project Yasar released the single Away From Me a few days ago.



Away From Me is just over three minutes of warming rock that coils around the listener like a snugly blanket as the drifting sounds slowly flow through the room.

It would be possible to spend considerable time referencing ‘reminds me of’ – however so to do would be to do injustice to the composition which holds attention for its own ability. My only sadness is that there is only one song that I have been able to hear as once you invest in the luxurious ride you will want to hear far more. I look forward to discovering a full double LP in short order in which to submerge for an hour or three.

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