E S T R O N S – Belfast – Video

E S T R O N S is a Welsh alt-rock band.

E S T R O N S - Belfast


Always a pleasure to return to – E S T R O N S deliver high energy rock that they combine with a sense of fun which is palpable, even, through the speakers.

From their latest three track single She’s Here Now – the opener Belfast.

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Lost Like Alice – Empty Tank – Video

The Welsh melancholic-rock trio Lost Like Alice released the two track single Empty Tank on the 9th.

Lost Like Alice - Empty Tank - artwork

Lost Like Alice – Empty Tank – artwork

The vocal, that captures immediate attention, drips of emotional context surrounded by equally mournful instrumentation shrouds the listener in sublime dark cloaking in which there is, paradoxically, a comforting embrace of texture the audience finds a restful place to lay the mind.

Lost Like Alice is an outfit I look forward to hearing more from in short order and by way of an introduction the title track – Empty Tank.


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In Cardiff in Wales you will find, Joel Hertz (Vocals / Guitar), Ethan Hertz (Drums), Rhys Carey (Guitar / Vocals) and Tom Rees (Bass / Vocals) who form the indie-rock band Tibet.

Tibet - alt-indie from Wales


There are odd moments when you just know there is a sound that is not better known for no other reason than the mechanisations of the detritus of mainstream ‘on-message’ media and the bloated pockets of the leeching major label show-boat. I also hear and read much by so called ‘sages’, of the music industry, who definitively lecture on how music creativity is dead and you just know they don’t listen to anything other than the plastic put out on the likes of Sony Records, so haven’t got a clue what is actually happening in the world of real musicians cutting their teeth. Tibet is a case in point. If anyone tells you music is dead – point them to this article about a quartet who are able to deliver everything that you need to make the world appear far brighter than it is in reality, giving a portal to the future, who are more than able to squash the drivel.

Formed only last year Tibet are able to combine all the best of the late ’60s ‘brit-blues’, scooping up along the way the ‘brit-pop’ of the ’90s and turn it all into a joyful bounce for the late ’10s with tracks that rarely last as long as three minutes and a confidence that belies their brief life as a unit thus far.

Tibet flex both pace and volume in their material as the guitars bustle around the room, only, to be hurried along by the percussion as a subtle bass gives the sound a depth of texture that keeps the ears fully tuned. The combinations of voices, which sparkle in their enthusiastic freshness, allow the band to fill the audience with the knowledge that those who suggest music is dying are out of touch with the world of music and would be better off closing up shop.

Tibet is a band one can only hope finds longevity without being subsumed into the morass of record deals that will inevitably flood their way in short order as they have much to add to the world of music.

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Based in Bridgend, Wales, are Bone (Guitar / Vocal), Wayne (Percussion / Piano) and Jodie (Keyboard / Vocal) who form the electro-rock band goldbringer.

goldbringer - electro-rock from England


Slicing out their own piece of granite goldbringer combine both the fantastical and the raw as the trio offer a landscape of manganese rock that floats in formulations of blazing meteorites that burn around the room as galactic-rock meets grunge.

The slicing percussion and melted vocals are approached by the métier of elongated guitar as synthetics maintain an equilibrium of trajectory and the audience is left in enthralled awe as the elements of goldbringer oppose each other akin to the Large Hadron Collider spinning particles around the CERN tunnels resulting in an impact of significant intrigue.

goldbringer aim to provide home audiences with music to fill the ears with progressive music that the longer lingered the more it grows. A difficult task in a world of sound-bites and I raise my hat to them for furrowing their own burrow and suggest this is a band worth spending the time to get to know as they do not seek to offer instant replenishment rather longer lasting sustenance, which I think they achieve admirably.


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Local Enemy

Local Enemy from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales is the alt-rock quintet of Daneil Casey (Vocals), Connor Evans (Lead Guitar), Lloyd Fear (Rhythm Guitar), Andrew Cooper (Drums) and Liam O’Shea (Bass).

Local Enemy - alt-rock from Wales

Local Enemy

Blousy guitars meet a grungy-garage bass and percussion, which allows Local Enemy to deliver music with a distinctive sound that captures the attention. Rattling tempo keeps the audience fully engaged as the quintet add melodic and wow-effect strings to the compositions as a growling vocal adds the finishing touches to an out-fit you just want to hear more from.

The earthy, unadorned roots of the tracks are gilded by the two guitars and rather than appearing at odds, they give the material, strangely enough, an even more frayed edge in which to invest time.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to the Local Enemy back-catalogue of music, which dates to just under a year ago, each new piece has added a further dimension and one can only hope they package something together for those who are not local and don’t have the opportunity to see them live.

Their latest track, which appeared a few days ago is Take Control.

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