THE WAIT – Ascent – Audio

THE WAIT is a newly out of the block lofi-dream duo from the USA.



Recently revealed were the only four tracks around – packaged as the EP Ascent (available on bandcamp).

THE WAIT deliver music that, counter to likely expectation by regular readers when it comes to suggested volume, needs to be turned down as quietly as your ears can muster soundwaves, with lights dimmed, to enjoy fully the weaving somnambulism that threads across the room in haunting graces and uneasy footstep, as the duo proffer material of disturbing nightmares and restful deep REM.

My selection of the tracks thus far around is the title piece of the EP – Ascent.

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Soaked – Backseat Heat – Audio

The US indie-rock quartet Soaked released their début LP Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today on the 17th.

Soaked - photo by Martin do Nascimento

Soaked – photo by Martin do Nascimento

Although they have been around a few years they have always spent time playing live and it was only this month they got round to releasing a collection of songs in the form of an album and Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today is worth adding to the collection.

Backseat Heat bursts out of the speakers grabbing hold of the listener by the wrists and twirling them around the dance-floor in a exuberant footstep.


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Pet Tigers – Share A Slice – Audio

The US indie-synth duo Pet Tigers revealed a new single earlier in the month.

Pet Tigers - Share a Slice

Pet Tigers

Share A Slice is an easy flowing almost three and a half minutes of smokey silkiness that wends its way around the room in combinations of synths and percussion rounded by the distinctive vocal that immediately identifies the duo.

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Cousin Moon – Eaten By An Eagle In August – Audio

Cousin Moon is a dreamy-rock quintet from the USA.

Cousin Moon

Cousin Moon

Turn down the lights and make yourself comfortable prior to hitting play as Cousin Moon deliver their embrocating weaves of textures which float around the room with beguiling suppleness.

The quintet have a plethora of instrumentation, synthesis and vocalists to draw to the fore, yet never overload the listener. Wind instruments, bowed strings, electronics, acoustic and electric guitars, drum pads, natural percussion, keys and much more are all given appropriate run-out in their output – yet never anything out of place as Cousin Moon envelop the listener in softly brushed webs.

Cousin Moon released their eponymous LP earlier this month and from the seventeen track approximately three quarters of an hour album (available on bandcamp) – Eaten By An Eagle In August.

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Destroy Boys – Methatonin – Audio

The US new wave trio Destroy Boys released the AA side single Methatonin​/​Gold Medal earlier in the month.

Destroy Boys

Destroy Boys

I am sure there is a reason I didn’t catch their earliest material though it is a reason I fail to recall.

With some delight I am able to correct that error with the Metathonin (available on bandcamp) and introduce a trio I aim to feature again in short order.


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