Why Bonnie – Practice – Audio

The US dreamgaze quartet Why Bonnie release their début EP In Water on the 16th.

Why Bonnie

Why Bonnie

A four track, roughly thirteen minutes, EP (available on bandcamp) which fills the room with luxurious plumes of delayed-echoing guitar, dream-sequence electronica, fused percussion, dampened bass and a luxurious vocal resulting in an overall sound that minds of a scrumptious baked brie just out of the oven.

The second song is Practice.

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CITRA – Felt So Right – Audio

The US rock quartet CITRA released the EP Mr. Copacetic on the 6th.

CITRA - Felt So Right


Taking some of the furious heat out of the music of theirs previously featured, in the five track EP, that is available on bandcamp, CITRA are able to explore a more intricate narrative, which while still very much derived from the hall of rock ‘n’ roll, they deliver music that is a multilayered blend of melody and bracing bass / percussion.

The second song on the Mr. Copacetic is Felt So Right.

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RLYR – L.Layer – Audio

The US progressive-emo trio RLYR release the EP Actual Existence on the 13th of April.



The instrumental tracks contain a despondency which drips out of the speakers in waves of layering which mind of being caught in a draught circling slowly through a cave, sending a palpable shiver in to the room as the heavy bass swoops between a heavy-weight drum and a fuzzy capricious guitar.

The first song to surface from the EP, which is available on bandcamp, is the almost eight and three quarters of a minutes second track – L.Layer.

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Titus Andronicus – Above the Bodega (Local Business) – Video

The US alt-rock band Titus Andronicus release the LP A Productive Cough on the 2nd of March.

Titus Andronicus - A Productive Cough - artwork

Titus Andronicus – A Productive Cough – artwork

Their blues-folk infused angsty-rock which reflects of the precarious brutality of life for many is always a pleasure to return to and making a welcome return to the site after last featuring in June of 2016.

The third of the seven tracks on A Productive Cough (available on bandcamp) is Above the Bodega (Local Business).

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Cafe Racer – Two Times A Day – Audio

The US graze-rock quintet Cafe Racer release the LP Famous Dust on the 15th.

Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

I am oft queried whether when I type graze-rock I in fact meant to type another genre definition often used – gaze-rock – and vice-versa. I can once again assure that not to be the case with gaze-rock echoing of shoegaze and graze-rock vapourised from psychedelia.

When allowing the ears to feast on the second of the nine tracks on Famous Dust (which is available through Maximum Pelt RecordsTwo Times A Day – I trust you will concur with the marginalia of the opening paragraph and also find yourself spontaneously looking for sustenance on which to graze as the munchies take hold.

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