The Britanys

The Britanys from New York in the USA is the garage rock trio of Lucas Long (Guitar / Vocals), Steele Kratt (Drums) and Gabe Schulman (Bass).

The Britanys - garage rock from the USA

The Britanys

Malcontent breathes its way through the room as the lo-fi production of The Britanys gives the material a fuzzy fury, which finds the listener empathising. There are moments in time when you come across an outfit you really hope is going to churn out music daily as it makes life seem better and this trio is one of those moments.

Of sadness, I have only been able to find five tracks to listen to, as The Britanys is quite new out of the starting gate, but what has appeared so far is most certainly on my play on-loop playlist.

The Britanys have already demonstrated, in their short catalogue of music, that they are able to deliver raging fury as well as gravelly melancholia. Percussion is given sharp clarity to which cymbals continually shatter the sharp tie of the skins. The bass rumbles around akin to a vexatious litigant giving the material its defining sound, whilst the guitar is led from echoey distortion to rock ‘n’ roll chords, through which the band is able to deliver the various flavours of sound and the vocal holds the ears in attention as it evokes a thread of gnarly emotion, in a manner which reminds of a cat stalking its prey.

As I have already mentioned I am already looking forward to the next track and word has it that a more substantive release is in the wings to be introduced by one off pieces, the most recent being It’s What It Is.

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Feral Conservatives

Feral Conservatives is an indie-rock trio from Virginia Beach in the USA comprising Rashie Rosenfarb (Vocals / Mandolin), Matt Francis (Drums / Guitar) and Dan Avant (Bass).

Feral Conservatives - Photo by Beth Austin

Feral Conservatives – Photo by Beth Austin

Yank the volume to 10 and work it harder before hitting play as Feral Conservatives pile into the room. Roisterous percussion precedes the sonic pulses that follow in rapid succession. The trio combine fulminations of ill tempered rock with languid folk derivatives and the melodic flow of mandolin enables that unlikely fusion to settle in the mind in well measured evocation.

Whilst I have listened to the whole of their back-catalogue from 2012 – Breaks And Mends through to the EP The Feeling Noise Becomes, which surfaced in February, often featuring guest musicians, I have not found a piece of music which doesn’t have Rashie on Bass, so I can only assume things are even better now than they were of what I have enjoyed, as Dan is now the listed Bassist.

I do have to confess I still remain confused by guitar and drums by one person as a live performance option, so ponder whether plans are afoot to secure a full time guitarist too, I look forward to hearing more of Feral Conservatives, whilst equally as interested to see how the transition from a duo, to potentially a quartet pans out.


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FERAL KIZZY is a new-wave quintet from Long Beach in the USA comprising – Candice Kirk (Vocals), Brenda Carsey (Keyboards/ Vocals), Johnny Lim (Guitar), Kevin Gonzalez (Bass) and Mike Meza (Drums).

FERAL KIZZY - new-wave from the USA


From time to time music reaches my ears I find myself enraptured by and inevitably, as you know, that is likely to be anything I genre define as new-wave and FERAL KIZZY produce music that makes my heart pulse harder with absolute pleasure.

A sultry vocal breathes husky passion that seduces, whilst purposeful bass defines the buttress of sound that drives into the room. Percussion metes out the underpinning frustrations as guitar provides the orchestration to the pieces whilst the keys give the material its spacious exploration, as it is allowed the room to add the brushes of broad paint strokes.

FERAL KIZZY, provide a sound which is at once measured, whilst having the temper of emotional connectivity, allowing the quintet to produce well crafted music that hasn’t been left on the production cutting-room floor.

I have to confess, when I was met with two tracks released back in September of last year prefacing an LP that won’t be appearing until June the 26th, I became crestfallen, particularly as their last release, their eponymous EP was released in 2012. As ever my impatience to hear new material gets the better of me, I won’t ever change.

However having had the opportunity to take a listen to the ten tracks that will be on Slick Little Girl, despite the lengthy gestation period this is not going to be a release you should ignore as it that interminable delay wasn’t all about getting in ‘perfect’ but getting it all right.

I merely hope it won’t be another three years before the next FERAL KIZZY release surfaces, which given the change in bass player since the last release, would probably also mean a new line-up.

Not by any means my favourite track from the forthcoming release, but one of only two I am able to share with you.


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Spires, from Brooklyn in the USA is the psychedelic-garage quartet of Matt StevensonJack CollinsMichael Goodman and Carter McNeil.

Spires - psychedelic-garage from the USA


Combining elements of ’60s psychedelia with garage rock Spires is able to condense the sound to deliver music that is immediately in furrow. Without loosing the untraceable fluid echoes of psychotropia, the quartet is also able to iron out the extraneous, providing the audience with slices of creativity that not only float off into eddies of disappearing tendrils, but also have a sense of direction.

Spires allow themselves enough time and spacing to permit the compositions to curl around the listener, wrapping them in silky textures, whilst affording those of more tempestuous nature to find plenty of angles and diversions to keep them entertained.

Three years into the journey Spires have been halted by various line-up changes, that has found stuttering progression. One can only hope that the current line-up gives the creative juices sufficient stability to gain traction. Given a wider spread of geographic performance arenas, this seems to be a distinct possibility, time will tell.

I look forward to following the progress of the quartet as imaginatively there is much to add to the world of music.

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Emergency Protocol

Emergency Protocol from Staten Island in the USA is the emo-rock trio of Roemello Agjmurati (Guitar / Vocals), Chris Guzman (Drums) and Domenick Buono (Bass / Backing Vocals).

Emergency Protocol - emo-rock from the USA

Emergency Protocol

More perspicacious readers will understand precisely why I rarely feature emo-rock, with the preponderance of high-notes, however it is always a pleasure to find a band in the genre to suggest you spend time with and Emergency Protocol is a case in point.

Blazoning guitar spirals around the room in munificent valediction as it marches triumphantly to the next idea, whilst percussion scrubs up the remaining eddies of sound as the bass petulantly stomps in fury decelerating the fulminations, giving Emergency Protocol both impatient urgency and lingering moments. Vocal bridges the contexts and the audience is left with a sense of having taken a welcome cold spritz as the trio pass through the ears.

A couple of years into their existence Emergency Protocol bring the emotional back into emo, yet the audience doesn’t feel as though they have been put through the wringer as the players are able to put to forefront the well constructed soundscape that hails of influences of maths-core which will bring audiences not normally connected by the genre into the fold.

I look forward to hearing more of Emergency Protocol as they have much to add to the world of music.

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