Rakunk an indie-rock quartet from Chicago in the USA is Thomas Benko (Drums), Taylor Briggs (Bass), Jonathan McIntire (Vocals / Guitar) and Tames McTigue (Guitar).

Rakunk - Indie-rock from the USA


Just goes to show how much the fronts flail around Chicago as Rakunk is a back to back review of bands from The Windy City. Not that I am complaining and hopefully you won’t be either. The quartet offer a completely different vortex of sounds as they deliver a knife slicing across the room that locks sharply to the plaster.

A tempestuous reflective of swarming guitars that remind of red-ants on the move usher the compositions around the ears, whilst percussion stands guard to pick up stray embers as the bass spearheads the sounds. A vocal triumphantly strides across the torn landscape as Rakunk sheers the ears.

The confident delivery allows the listener to become transfixed by the shifting soundscape of discovery that the quartet offer with tracks that blend progressive rock with fidget to provide the ears with music that transcends geo-political boundaries. A tumultuous beginning saw Rakunk with a line-up change in the middle of last year, that they have been able to absorb with maturity of bands far older.

Having had the opportunity to hear the début eponymously named four track EP set for release on the 27th – I would certainly recommend you grab hold of it when it surfaces.

I look  forward to writing more about Rakunk over the coming years as, if they are able to maintain momentum – they are a quartet to get to know now before you and I baulk at the ticket prices.

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Rakunk (EP) – EP – Rakunk is available on iTunes.*

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Bleach Party

Bleach Party from Chicago in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Meghan MacDuff (Vocals / Guitar),  Bart Pappas (Guitar), Richard Giraldi (Bass) and Kaylee Preston (Drums).

Bleach Party - photo by 9 Muses Photo

Bleach Party – photo by 9 Muses Photo

It is perhaps apposite that Bleach Party from The Windy City fuse garage and surf rock into a tsunami of sound that envelops the room in swirling guitars that snuffle around the room exploring the darker crevasses. There is a relentless wave of sound that sweeps up all before it in a maelstrom of fuzz in which the listener becomes a tangible element.

I rarely recommend turning down the bass, as you know, in this instance pare it back and you will be in a space full of sounds you just want to play over and over again with various adjustments. There are few bands on the circuit able to deliver music which works equally well with full treble as full bass and no matter where you set the equalisers you will find Bleach Party fill the ears with joy – all you need to do is turn up the volume and let the quartet take care of the rest.

It was a fan of the band who made contact – and my thanks to Selina for doing that – I look forward to hearing more. If you would like to see a band featured just drop a note to tim @ emergingindiebands.com.

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Slack is the indie-funk quintet of – Robert Guinvarch, Tyler Dawn, Nigel Hardy, Patrick Murphy and Austin Perkins from Monterey, California in the USA.

Slack - Indie-funk from the USA


There is a beautiful contextual conflict that lays with Slack as the music has the listener swaying in tandem with another whilst a thorny lyric rails against the gentleness of the flows of sound and it this stark contrast that gives the quintet an out-put you just feel the need to explore further.

Slack is exactly the sort of band the concept of what was then indie bands blog was set up to showcase last decade. I am often sent missives to consider what is referred to as ‘street music’ which is normally a rehash of a suburban white-picket fence masquerading as childish hip-hop written by ‘wannabe gangsters’ who sound more like their MTV subscription is probably due. This is a quintet who bring the ‘Street’ back to the tarmacadam, not the thick pile fitted carpets.

With a steady stream of releases and live performance Slack is a band I would heartily recommend getting hold of their catalogue (which you can find on bandcamp) and if you are their way get out to see as they bring bitter-sweet humour to compositions that are finely executed.


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Image Society

Image Society is an indie band from New York in the USA comprising Jordan, Conrad, Sean and Brian.

Image Society - indie from the USA

Image Society

Tightly woven guitars wrap themselves around a percussion that storms its way around the room. Image Society deliver an out-put that has a fresh zing to it, easy to listen to but, not fallen over into the pit of radio friendly wallpaper music. The quartet use dampers to keep the notes brief and this enables them to give the sense of spaciousness inside the frenetic levels of activity that plays through each track, leaving the audience with plenty of time to follow the complete context of the pieces.

Somewhat jazz funk derived Image Society sharpen everything up, to deliver a sound that pushes forward with urgency, giving the music a surprising twist of intrigue.

A band that is well worth spending some time to explore as on greater familiarity the rich textures become more apparent and the whole perception develops to realise the Image Society is a quartet with considerable technical and compositional skill.

I wish Image Society continued success with their music.


The Doom of Youth – EP – Image Society is available on iTunes.*

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Based in San Francisco, California, in the USA is the alt-rock quintet of Chase AnthonyJesse OlswangEric AlonzoScott Franklin and Jason Adams also known as Buzzmutt.

Buzzmutt - alt-rock from the USA


I thought my desk was breaking, then I realized it was in fact Buzzmutt with their grotesque-rock that sears into the mind with some considerable force. Refractive instrumentation and vocal fused with distorted electronics allow the quintet to discombobulate the audience as they deliver a sound that scrapes like a grater across the brain.

Buzzmutt have the ability to make the uncomfortable seem to be the right place to be and once you have threaded into the mindset it is a bit like PiL – absolutely as it needs to be and the longer you tarry the more there is to enjoy. Three years behind them; The quintet have a decent catalogue of material, each individual track breaking open a new can of worms to explore and rumour has it that there is a new LP scheduled for later this year.

To select any one track as representative of the sound is a bit like dipping in to a tombola and selecting a ticket – each has a similarity of concept, but each uniquely spaced. Given the number of individual songs they have in their repertoire (recorded material is available on bandcamp) these are undoubtedly immensely creative song-writers who almost certainly have far more to add to the world of music and I look forward to hearing the next thought process transferred to sound.


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