Eggs On Mars – Many Minds – Audio

Eggs on Mars, the lofi garage trio of Justin (Bass), Mason (Drums) and Brad (Vocals / Guitar) from Kansas City (USA), were introduced earlier in the year.

Eggs On Mars - Many Minds

Eggs On Mars

Apologies, once again, despite this hanging around in my email inbox since the 8th I have only just caught the news of an album which came out earlier this month, once again I am late.

The ten track LP, Mama Pancake (available on bandcamp) is a more complete and rounded sound than their earlier introduction, though of similar sad countenance with the listener captivated by the slowly drifting melodies that fill the room with lingering notes that hang in the air like hazy regretful memories.

Many Minds, the third song, being my pick of the release.

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VACANT STARES – Impulse Control – Audio

The quartet of StephanieJustinJosh and Lo from Portland, Oregan (USA) who form the gothwave band VACANT STARES will be releasing a new LP next year.



The first track to surface from the album, which was itself made available as a standalone single (available on bandcamp) on the 7th is a luscious purple velvet textured composition.

Spirals of luxuriant synthesis are festooned by a dark and swarming bass / drum pad combination while a dreamy cloud of guitar interweaves the layers and all rounded by vocal that wafts gently through the ears in a track that signposts of an LP to play whilst intertwined with another on soft pile blanketing.

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colourmusic – Haunt Me – Video

If like me you were thinking of wagering that last bottom dollar that by the spelling ‘well colourmusic can’t be from the USA’, you too would be left with empty pockets as the gothic-electronica quartet of Colin FleishackerRyan HendrixNicholas Ley and Nick Turner are from Stillwater, Oklahoma (USA). On the 4th of February 2019 they will be releasing the LP Swimsuit.



The album (which is available for fans directly from the band) has been prefaced by the reveal of Haunt Me – a mystical track of ambient swashes of electronica as the backdrop to a slowly rotating composition through which peers a ghostly vocal – setting the scene for the complete LP which reflects of a state of calmness and eroticism derived from an imminent cataclysmic and final apocalypse.


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Okapi – Bundle’s Bolero – Audio

Okapi, the US gothic-chamber duo, were introduced earlier this year with news of their LP Carousel (Part I) coming out on the 1st.

Okapi - Bundle’s Bolero


I am now in a position, which I wasn’t at the time, to feature my pick of the release from the eight track album (available on bandcamp) – Bundle’s Bolero.

Cannoning double-bass bounces between and off the mellowed cello while a stark vocal scythes though the ears with sharpened talons clawing the air, captivating the audience with its cadence shifts and ever out of reach gyrations.

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Masonique – Status Erratus – Audio

Masonique is the trippy-synth-rock trio of Ron Mason Gassaway (Vocal / Synth), Gerry Hathaway (Bass) and Daniel Morris (Percussion) from Portland, Oregon (USA) who released the EP Island Of Disbelief on the 23rd.



A spaced out four track release (available on bandcamp) that drips from the ceiling as though soaked in sphagnum moss with a faded echoing vocal which adds to the sense of a disembodied being reaching out from the afterlife.

Given the vaguely ghostly air of the compositions unexpectedly rather than leaving the listener with a chill running down their spine, the audience is left in a relaxing space in which to allow the tripped-out waveforms to shape the mind in the encompassing soft-psychedelia, which is no less effective for not utilising a six string guitar.

My pick of the release being the penultimate – Status Erratus.

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