Roots Rising – Love Burning – Video

Roots Rising, the dancehall undecim from the Netherlands are nearing the release of their slightly delayed EP The Root Sessions now scheduled for next month.

Roots Rising - Love Burning

Roots Rising

From the five track EP a live video version of Love Burning was made available on on the 8th.

While generating a good time ambience, the music always has an underpinning message of critical eye of the the ills in society.

Already securing pan European tours the release of the EP will, with fortune, raise their profile to an even broader audience.

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LIANA – Psycho – Audio

LIANA is a glitch-wave duo from The Netherlands.

LIANA - photo credit - Patrice Hoerner

LIANA – photo credit – Patrice Hoerner

Combinations of eastern European traditions of guitar and western European current electronica enable  LIANA to deliver songs which have an alluring primordial resonance tied around a composite-carbon mast affording the music the ability to sink deep in to the marrowbone, while simultaneously handy to take to a party to drop in to the mix when moments need a lift.

The most recent song is Psycho – which has been undergoing revisions throughout its journey with the final version surfacing only this month.


Psycho – LIANA is available on iTunes.*

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St. Tropez – The Other – Audio

The alternative rock quartet St. Tropez from the Netherlands will be launching a new LP on the 1st of May from 18:00 to 20:00 (CEST) at what will be their pop-up studio in one of the units at Lil ‘Amsterdam – Amstelpassage – on the East side of Amsterdam Central Station.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez

Three songs have surfaced from the album with The Other and its fibrous tautology being my pick of those I am able to share.

website (be aware music starts immediately).

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Roots Rising – Crisis – Video

The dancehall undecim Roots Rising from the Netherlands are finalising details of the release of the LP The Root Sessions.

Roots Rising

Roots Rising

Crisis, in a live recording, a commentary on the continuing damage of grinding the poor which is still continually justified by the 1% as necessary yet caused by the financial greed of that same 1% at the start of this decade which resulting in banks collapsing, is the second song to be to be revealed from the album.


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Tusky – Armed To The Teeth – Video

The Netherlands alt-rock band Tusky released the LP Rated Gnar on the 2nd.

Tusky - Armed To The Teeth


Showcasing their blend of grunge, indie and heavy rock the antepenultimate of the nine songs is Armed To The Teeth.

Establishing a loyal fan base with their high energy live performances, the release of the album can only help in drawing in a more global audience.

Rated Gnar – Tusky is available on iTunes.*

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