Scutluck from Raron in Switzerland is the jazz ska octet of Pete (Vocals / Guitar), Ives (Vocal / Guitar), Mitch (Vocals / Bass), Mingi (Drums), Scha9 (Trumpet), Cedi (Trumpet), Tam (Saxophone) and Steffi (Trombone).

Scutluck - jazz ska from Switzerland


There is a natural timbre to the sound which raises a smile and taps the feet as Scutluck take over the room. Regular readers will have noticed regular forays into Switzerland and the rich seam of reggae derivatives that lie therein, it isn’t all skiing, banking and pharmaceuticals. The octet throw out some interesting variations to a theme which capture the attention.

Spanning decades going back to Flappers from the ’20s right up to 90 years later Scutluck are wreathed in smiles and partying. With the extensive range of wind instruments to call upon they are able to deliver variations on a theme that skip around the room in a flurry of joy, the electric guitars and bass add a depth of quality to the material which is tempting to define as Charleston Reggae.

If you are still supine after listening to one of their tracks, I would be amazed and I look forward to hearing much more of Scutluck in the coming months.


The Sideshow – Scutluck is available on iTunes*.

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Kaltehand / Natasha Waters

Kaltehand / Natasha Waters is the electronica duo of Davide Rizzitelli and Natasha Waters from St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Kaltehand / Natasha Waters - electronica from Switzerland

Kaltehand / Natasha Waters

In complete contrast to We Are Us who appeared yesterday and it is even starker in my mind as I am actually writing these two reviews on the same day, Kaltehand /Natasha Waters are a far more studied combination with rare releases and months spent working on songs before heading in to the studio, once again to disappear for months before revealing the studio work, nonetheless as interesting for being at completely the other end of the spectrum.

The duo play on the sounds bouncing against each other like light shining through crystals, emerging as stunning hues, flickers and shapes that in turn shimmer with reflections.

There is an interesting debate heading round the world of music – interesting that is – if you are a grey figure in a grey suit about the irrelevance of electric guitars in rock and undoubtedly Kaltehand /Natasha Waters stand as an example of the use of technology, is it better and more relevant than the duo of We Are Us? I think the very fact that I have chosen to write about both bands on the same day provides you with my answer.

I thank every musician for sharing their personal musical interpretation of what matters to them, including those I don’t quite ‘get’ or review, and that to me is the only arbiter of relevance, not which instruments they use.


Pages – Kaltehand & Natasha Waters is available on iTunes*.

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