Overjoyed – Taxi Driver – Audio

The Swedish indie-rock trio Overjoyed are working towards the release of an EP for later in the year.

Overjoyed - Taxi Driver


Last appearing in the New Year Ninety, their new song, which came out a view hours ago, Taxi Driver, extrapolates their ability to create music which is able to fill the mind with good feelings, whilst simultaneously generating an undercurrent of reflective melancholia.

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Thundermother – Fire in the Rain – Audio

The Swedish rock band Thundermother will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 23rd.

Thundermother - Fire in the Rain


The latest track to surface, Fire In The Rain (released on bandcamp as a stand alone single on the 2nd) is the fifth of the dozen on the album (which is available via Despotz Records).

Unlike previous material of theirs featured dating back to 2015Fire In The Rain is a more thematic rock-ballad and a different territory in which Thundermother equally capably demonstrate they are able excel with similar distinction as their more usual heavy-metal sound.

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Follow The Cipher – The Rising – Video

The Swedish melodic-metal quintet Follow The Cipher are set to release their eponymous LP imminently.

Follow The Cipher

Follow The Cipher

The first track to surface from the album – The Rising – showcases their driving bass / percussion combinations which enable the two six string guitars to generate expansive atmosphere while the superlative lead vocal allows Follow The Cipher to deliver music of immense dynamic range which few can seek to follow.


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Grimner – Fafnersbane – Audio

The Swedish folk-metal sextet Grimner release the LP Vanadrottning on the 9th.

Grimner - Photo by Aleksander Honc

Grimner – Photo by Aleksander Honc

After the launch of the album at Sticky Fingers in Gothenberg (Sweden) they have an extensive touring schedule across Europe with twenty five shows already booked.

The first song to arise from the LP – Fafnersbane – is their signature sound of the blend of driving metal and folk rock.

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Gone North – Slowsurfing – Single Review

Gone North is a Swedish hypoxaemia-wave duo.

Gone North

Gone North

Melodies which tempt the listener in to the deepest fathoms of the sea, with no possible route of escape, fail to to pose a barrier to the audience plunging in to the alluring combinations of instrumentation and vocal, which like a Siren off the bow beguile the mind to follow in to the inky depths.

A back-catalogue in which various instruments take leading role, more typically piano, in the latest song to surface – Slowsurfing – it is synthesised guitar which finds the brain hypnotised as the sultry vocal whispers sweet intentions in the ear that finds the audience unable and undesirous to draw breath through its two hundred and nineteen seconds duration.

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Slowsurfing – Single – Gone North is available on iTunes.*

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