Among Lynx – Time – Single Review

The Swedish roots-rockers Among Lynx revealed the song Time on the 29th of June.

Among Lynx

Among Lynx

Immediately on hitting play, the listener is transported to a sawdust strewn saloon bar whilst instinctively reaching for a whisky to spend time in the company of Among Lynx, as the new song feeds gnarly blues riffs though the room.

Whilst easy to focus on purely the slide guitar and immersive vocals, to do so would be to miss all that is included within Time which is, in reality, an intricate, superbly composed and delivered song with much going on beneath the surface, with harmonica and double-bass adding depth to the rhythm of percussion.

For reasons undeserved, though sadly the nature of the world of music, despite delivering music of the highest quality their fan-base, whilst intensely loyal, is predominately home-grown. If justice is served, 2018 will break open the floodgates for a band who should be on far more radars.


Time – Single – AMONG LYNX is available on iTunes.*

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Fatal Casualties – No Heaven – Video

The Swedish coldwave duo Fatal Casualties are working towards a new LP release.

Fatal Casualties - No Heaven

Fatal Casualties

Their ability to create music of current relevance without ever straying from their early influences of synth-rock when first starting out back in 1986 has served Fatal Casualties well over the years. The first track to appear from the forthcoming album – No Heaven – continues that heritage of theirs.

Each time Fatal Casualties disappear from view for a while, it is easy to contemplate that they may well be taking another two decade break as they did between 1991 and 2010, rather than busying themselves with writing and recording a new LP.

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Lilou & John – Free Woman – Audio

The Swedish alt-rock duo Lilou & John release the EP Airing from Kolyma on the 20th.

Lilou & John

Lilou & John

Taking a different plough to the soil in Airing from Kolyma the duo have concentrated on acoustic led folk turned delivery which doesn’t by any means dilute their scathing glance on the world around in which they reflect of the imbalances of imposed and manufactured equalities leading to greater social fracturing rather than closer cohesion.

There have been and continue to be numerous musical acts who feature on the site that are able to demonstrate more powerfully than words that music can bridge chasms of political difference and despite those differences, when articulated meaningfully, music is able to afford that difference far wider message and contemplation. Lilou & John evidence that ability – though to be fair as an anarcho-capitalist I am likely to be at odds with most peoples politics at some level.

A five track release (available on bandcamp) which is opened with my pick of the release – Free Woman.

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Dark Continent – Lights Down Low – Video

The Swedish synth-rock outfit Dark Continent will be releasing the LP Songs About Death in August.

Dark Continent

Dark Continent

In advance, the first track to surface from the album, which was released as a stand alone single on the 11th – Lights Down Low – fills the room with the warm glow of warmed valves as the keys and guitars blend in to a comforting marshmallow.

social media page

Lights Down Low – Single – Dark Continent is available on iTunes.*

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Wildhart – New Beginning – Audio

The Swedish electro-dream duo Wildhart revealed a new track a few hours ago.

Wildhart - photo credit - Saana Nala Kotila

Wildhart – photo credit – Saana Nala Kotila

Having been fairly quiet for quite some time a couple of tracks have surfaced recently, with little fanfare, which may indicate of plans for a fuller release – time will tell.

For now the newest song, with its ethereal signature – New Beginning.


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