Nala – Lost – Audio

The EP Woman by the  Swedish alt-rock quintet Nala is set for imminent arrival.

Nala - photo credit - Elin Gavelli

Nala – photo credit – Elin Gavelli

Ahead of the full release – Lost – makes for a fine introduction to their sound, which is a combination of roaring guitar riffs and psychedelic meanderings, allowing the song, which only lasts for under three and a half minutes, to fill the room with exquisite layers of texturing that is rounded by a captivating vocal.


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F.K.Ü. – Nightmares In A Damaged Brain – Audio

The Swedish metal quartet F.K.Ü. release the LP 1981 on the 3rd of November.

F.K.Ü. - photo credit - Framednoise photographer Peter Falk

F.K.Ü. – photo credit – Framednoise photographer Peter Falk

A quartet who have been around since the last century and regularly to be found in live performance, less frequently reveal albums with 1981 being only their fifth (available on bigcartel) – a fourteen track release which pays homage to slash horror films and in particular 1981 when a slew of the genre were released.

The second track and first song to surface from the LP is Nightmares In A Damaged Brain.


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Steffan Rundquist

Steffan Rundquist originally from Helsingborg in Sweden, now residing in Rotterdam (Holland) is an alternative indie singer songwriter.

Steffan Rundquist - alternative indie from Sweden

Steffan Rundquist

Taking references of new wave and reggae and transferring it to an acoustic setting enables Steffan to deliver an entertaining and refreshing style of music. Bringing experience as a band musician going back to the late ’70s he has brought that knowledge to a new setting and is able to deliver material of the streets with the knowledge of making the most of the material. An itinerant traveller, he is also able to transfer this into the songs which have a global appeal to them with the earthy realism which immediately captures the attention.

This has the sparseness of construct which requires absolute confidence in ability as there is no-one else to blame if it sounds askew and Steffan Rundquist rises to the challenge with a waving flag. It is when I listen to solo musicians that I often find the most expressive and honest material particularly when played acoustically, as it only works if the audience can find a connection with the performer.

What I particularly enjoy of songs I have heard, is the uplifting sounds, whilst the lyric expresses insecurities and injustices. I am led to believe the eponymous EP which came out earlier this year is not a one off concept as a follow-up EP is under way for release in April 2014.


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