PAWS is the Glasgow / Edinburgh, Scotland, based garage rock trio of Phillip Taylor, Josh Swinney and Ryan Drever.

PAWS - garage rock from Scotland


Rumbling fuzz careens out of the speaker and tumbles around the room like a mesmerising bundle of energy as PAWS deliver control and enthusiasm inside flashes of inspiration. This is another out-fit that has languished in my inbox for too long and since their email back in 2011, they have gone from strength to strength.

PAWS is able to develop tracks which speak of darker moments, without leaving the listener downbeat as the tales relate directly to the audience and it is of no surprise they have been able to take their sounds, which transcend national boundaries to audiences in the USA and across Europe developing an ever more loyal fan-base along the way. Concentrating on live performance, their irregular formal releases are invested with the connection of the stage, replicating in the studio the joy of playing.

Having gone through the difficult early years, including a slight change in line-up PAWS have found themselves a key element for many other established touring bands and if justice is served it won’t be long before they are able to break the barrier and headlining significant tours themselves.


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Seaside Sons

Seaside Sons from Ayr in Scotland is the rock ‘n’ roll quartet of Jason Skimming (Lead Vocals), Pav Cathcart (Guitar), Craig McGinn (Bass) and Campbell Sproat (Drums).

Seaside Sons - rock 'n' roll from Scotland

Seaside Sons

The gritty rock driven sounds of Seaside Sons soon have you bouncing along with the beat. It is good to hear how bands have developed particularly with the advances in technology, however it is always a pleasure to be reminded of what the raw material sounds like and the quartet deliver immense peals of driving music that tears its way into the soul.

Influences dating back to the late ’50s are melded with every decade following and the resulting out-put has a timelessness to it, whilst simultaneously sounding completely fresh. The cupboard, bare of frippery gives the tracks a realism and communication with the listener that is unrivalled by any developments in equipment, which is perhaps why the four piece rock band is a seemingly irreplaceable format for direct relationships with the audience.

About a year old, Seaside Sons are gaining a burgeoning local following, which I would expect to see replicated across wider geography in short order and I look forward to the follow up to their début four track EP – Weekend Rockstar which came out early this year.

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alansmithee from Livingston in Scotland is the psychedelic collective of Alan Smithee,Ryan Macpherson (bass), Andrew Burns (Guitar / Vocals), Ruaridh Macpherson (Guitar / Vocals) and Joe White (Drums).

alansmithee - psychedelia from Scotland


Imperceptibly progressing, alansmithee cloak the room in a kaleidoscope of swatches as the lo-fi production adds a further layer to the psychotropic nuances of sound.

Enveloping the senses in gauze, the muffled and muted sounds feed into the brain, leaving the listener wreathed in cathodoluminescence which sparks the mind to wander through flights of inward discovery. The audience lays transfixed by the mélange of guitars and vocal which drifts into the ears, whilst the bass and percussion take over the cardiac rhythm.

alansmithee are able to invest much within the pieces of music, whilst also delivering wide spaces for exploration, much like a Dadaist image and it is the duality of the half-defined and fuzzed sounds that provides the out-put with its fascination.

With a few years behind them now alansmithee are gaining ever greater abilities to craft the compositions, which makes them an out-fit I look forward to hearing much more of in the future and pleasingly a new single is set for imminent release.

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Mummy Short Arms

Mummy Short Arms based in Glasgow, Scotland is the alt-rock septet of Cameron Findlay, Craig Brown, Dean McClure, Fraser Gillies, James Allan, Stuart Brown and Gary Pinkerton.

Mummy Short Arms - alt-rock from Scotland

Mummy Short Arms

Back in 2011 I received an introduction to Mummy Short Arms and finally have caught up with that email. Sparse releases and sporadic live performances mean that although late, I haven’t missed a great deal in the intervening period and this year sees them starting to release new material after an LP in 2012.

Singularity may be a better genre definition of the band as they deliver an iconic experimentalism that is wrapped inside understandable refrains. Mummy Short Arms have the ability to write what on the surface are easy to grapple tunes, yet underneath the calmness lay depths of contortion as the players conjecture on individualism within societies strata.

I am hoping that a release earlier this year – Face Full Of Sand –  is the precursor to a full LP as it is in long play that the real value of Mummy Short Arms comes to the fore.

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The Urchins

The Urchins from Glasgow in Scotland is the alt-indie band of Steven O’Neill (Vocals), Simon Regan (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Chrissy O’Neill (Lead Guitar), Martyn Regan (Drums), Jonny Carroll (Bass).

The Urchins - alt-indie from Scotland

The Urchins

It was back in March that I first took a look at The Urchins with a review of their début single I Feel A Fall Coming, with a comment I would come back with some thoughts about the band when more music was available. In the intervening few months there have been numerous demo tracks and a constant evolution of sound. An expanded line-up has found the band develop a far wider breadth of influence, which is reflected in the resulting tracks.

Whilst there is a constancy of reflectivity of the trammels of daily living with an ever present solid bass / percussion layer which retains prominence, The Urchins are extending their repertoire in a range of styles as they explore ideas. The pace has been slowed and the tracks, which now have more scope to travel with the additional players, are written around the melodies which give the out-put an impressive confidence.

It will be of some interest to see where the sound finally focuses and I look forward to hearing much more of The Urchins in the none too distant future.

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