Boobs of DOOM – Thor’s Womb – Audio

The Scottish industrial-drone duo Boobs of DOOM released the two track plus one revised radio edition track single Thor’s Womb on the 9th.

Boobs of DOOM - Thor's Womb

Boobs of DOOM

The lengthy compositions – which combined come to roughly seventy two minutes (available on bandcamp – proceeds are being donated to the medical fundraiser – Carries Fund) are best approached while in a darkened room to allow the unhurried, relentless entombing foreboding presence to encase the mind and body.

The opening track, which lasts for nearly forty two minutes is the title – Thor’s Womb.

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Dinosaur 94 – Elephant Dreams – Single Review

The Scottish alt-rock quintet, Dinosaur 94, released the single Elephant Dreams yesterday.

Dinosaur 94

Dinosaur 94

Having only come to fruition roughly a year ago Dinosaur 94 are, understandably, still honing their core sound with each of the handful of songs I have been able to hear having a slightly different flavour. References of fuzzy framework and merseybeat, along side the new track Elephant Dream – which is of more punchy bluesy new wave root-stock that, inevitably, as longer stay readers will anticipate is also my preference – compounded by a throbbing bass which introduces the listener to the almost five and a half minutes composition.

I look forward to hearing more by Dinosaur 94 who are self-evidently a talented group of song songwriters and musicians.


Elephant Dreams – Single – Dinosaur 94 is available on iTunes.*

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Sinny – Look Who’s Crying Now – Audio

Sinny is a Scottish country-folk trio.

Sinny* - photo by - James McNair Photography

Sinny* – photo by – James McNair Photography

I have noticed over the years that US southern country holds an influence over more than a smattering of the Scottish bands and musicians featured along with others who send over their music for consideration – an intriguing conundrum.

Nonetheless often extremely capably delivered and Sinny adds to that list with latest two track single Running Away, which was released last week, my pick of which is the B side Look Who’s Crying Now.

social media page

Running Away – Single – Sinny is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Park Planet – The Ba Bang – Single Review

The Scottish glitch-wave outfit Park Planet surfaced with a new track yesterday.

Park Planet - The Ba Bang

Park Planet

Prior to listening to The Ba Bang, do make sure the windows and doors are opened, not to cause maximum disturbance to others rather the reverse, as, regardless of the volume, like a shaken bottle of fizz, on uncorking the track a wave of pressure bursts out of the speakers that otherwise would break door hinges and window glass.

Always, on receipt of a note by Park Planet that there is a new song about, I never quite know what I will be invited to hear, though I do know it will always be an aural feast of unbridled proportions and The Ba Rang, with its ebbing and froing wooshes of synthesis, which has an industrial dystopia to the soundtrack, is a further example.

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Echo Arcadia – High Hopes And Low Expectations – Video

It was back in 2013, on the old URL, that the Scottish alt-rock band Echo Arcadia first featured and over the years they have become a staple of the site.

Echo Arcadia - High Hopes and Low Expectations

Echo Arcadia

Most recently to surface was a live version of  – High Hopes And Low Expectations – a track which finds them in wistful reflection.

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