Former Astronauts – Icarus – Audio

The Puerto Rican indie-rock trio Former Astronauts are finalising details of their EP – Something To Talk About.

Former Astronauts - Icarus

Former Astronauts

Whilst across much of the Caribbean is in the grips of Hurricane season and in particular now – Maria – I wish all those affected by these series of storms all the best and good fortune.

Icarus is from the forthcoming EP and is the first track to surface.

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Former Astronauts – Quite The Sight – Audio

The Puerto Rican indie-rock trio Former Astronauts are always a pleasure to return to, to hear their latest music.

Former Astronauts - Quite The Sight

Former Astronauts

Quite The Sight being the latest track. A song that lasts for less than three minutes, yet leaves the listener in good mood for far longer.

Still completing final details for the LP Something To Talk About the new composition makes for a welcome interlude.

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Piegrande – Gunpei Yokoi – Audio

The Puerto Rican angular instrumental-rock band Piegrande released the LP Perrito Electricista on the 17th.



The fifteen track approximately thirty three minute album is best approached in full play through as the briefly appearing numbers flit in and out of earshot almost before the listener has come to grips with the idea and it is when taken in totality that Perrito Electricista (available on bandcamp), akin to a gyroscope, discovers its kinetic balance.

Counter-intuitively given the caveat above – as is almost always the case I offer only one track which is my pick of the release – the antepenultimate –  Gunpei Yokoi – however – do linger longer with the album.

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Former Astronauts

Former Astronauts is Adrian Kayvin (Vocals / Guitar), Georwill Perez (Drums) and Rafael Moises (Bass) an indie-rock band from Aguadilla in Puerto Rico.

Former Astronauts -indie-rock from Puerto Rico

Former Astronauts 

Singing in both Spanish and English Former Astronauts bring a breezy spring to the step of indie rock as the music combines influences of the local scene and a more international rock base. Originally starting back in 2011 as a high school band called Heavy Smiles they soon realised they had more to offer than just an excuse to cut class, becoming  Former Astronauts and took the music to a wider audience, where they are well received locally.

Essentially music you just can’t help tapping your feet whilst swaying your shoulders and hips, there is a pleasing depth to the stringed instruments which gives the resulting out-put a solidity and seriousness which delights the ears.

Their first studio release, the five track plus bonus Uplifting Downers is set for launch on the 24th July. Having had the opportunity to take a listen I can recommend adding it to your playlist and with fortune will find Former Astronauts a wider audience.

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