Plasticine Porters – Procrastination – Audio

The indie-folk duo Plasticine Porters from Northern Ireland will be releasing the EP Train Of Thought on the 30th.

Plasticine Porters

Plasticine Porters

With more than one scoop of ice-cream coming from the ’60s brit-rock tub – Plasticine Porters deliver music that has an easy flow of uncomplicated song structure flooded with dance steps and the listener can happily submerge themselves in the retro-flavours.

There is a saying that ‘less is more’ and Train Of Thought (available on bandcamp) is a perfect example as anything added to these individual songs would have been extraneous, though having said that –  having got in to the flow of the EP only having five songs to hear leaves the listener wishing there were a few more. My selection is the third track – Procrastination.

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Colt 66

Colt 66 from Belfast in Northern Ireland and Bristol in England is the scowling-rock collaboration between Dan Moxham and Wild Blue Rivers.

Colt 66 - scowl-rock from England

Colt 66

The laconic tracks by Colt 66 shorn of flummery bristle around the room in bad-temper brushing the audience into cowering in the corner as the acerbic lyric seethes of frustration. Braving the fulminations the audience finds this is a sound full of foot-steps to follow and soon the darts become welcome scars to take the listener on a rock-a-billy derived journey, which finds the body happily stepping round the open spaces. Think – The Cramps without Poison Ivy and you are in the ball-park of Colt 66.

The out-put of Colt 66 for its very bareness invites the mind to dwell on the compositions and very soon finds that far from being a sound of hostility they quickly become the sort of friends that you can’t believe you haven’t known all your life as they seem to understand you so well.

A début eponymous LP appeared in the latter half of last year and is well worth grabbing hold of along with a new pair of ботинки на манной каше. I am already looking forward to the follow-up.


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Denzil A.K.A.

Denzil A.K.A. from Larne in Northern Ireland is the alt-rock musician Smout Martin who works with other instrumentalists as and when needed.

Denzil A.K.A. - alt-rock from Northern Ireland

Denzil A.K.A.

Covering much ground the music by Denzil A.K.A. is delivered as-though a full line-up giving the listener plenty to engage the ears. Mild distortion gives the material a slightly grungy feel which is enhanced by the faded vocals and one is reminded of a threadbare carpet, lived in and well worn, familiar yet always surprising.

Highly expressive tracks offer food for thought, asking more questions than providing answers, which makes for a refreshing change. On taking an extended run-out with Denzil A.K.A. the audience is left feeling they have attended a philosophical debate as the sounds weave a curvaceous path around the room focusing the attention to forgotten detail.

This is music to take your time with, as there is an almost hypnotic feel to the sounds and it is that continual – almost / similar to / reminds me of – which is the draw to the material.

I recommend settling back in a favourite chair and letting your mind wander with the out-put. I look forward to hearing more of Denzil A.K.A..


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Ajenda from Belfast in Northern Ireland is the rock band of Jen (Vocals), Gavin (Guitars), Peter (Drums) and Jan (Bass).

Ajenda is a rock band from Northern Ireland

Ajenda image © Neil Mach

Ajenda gives a mellowed twist to Rock ‘n’ Roll with deftly played melodies that are allowed to swirl around the room like smoke before settling on the ears and underlying it is a well formulated framework which gives the music plenty of oomph.

A well defined vocal neatly balances the tracks giving the band a defined and distinctive sound as influences from Eastern European folk are interspersed in the music. There is a certain fascination to be had by listening to Ajenda. It is perhaps the fact that I am writing this on a Monday morning that it seems a little restful to my head. Come the end of the day I have little doubt this would slide down well with a relaxing drink.

With a debut LP – Unrecognizable – set for release on the 28th September and supporting tours away from Northern Ireland, I would expect the band to gain greater traction than has been so far achieved as the ten track release, which I have had the opportunity to hear, contains a well crafted set of songs that do justice to the band.


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