Haine – This Darkness – Single Review

The Maltese dark-metal quartet Haine released the single This Darkness yesterday.

Haine - This Darkness - artwork

Haine – This Darkness – artwork

If you are a regular reader of the site you will know precisely where the speakers should be turned and why you shouldn’t waste your or the music creators time listening to it other than on a full speaker set up – for those who are new to the site – as soon as the genre ‘metal’ arises – only a minimum five speaker system on full volume through a full player system with volume kicked up to high is basically what that always suggests.

Opening with seemingly innocuous keyboard the audience is lulled in to a sense of quiet security prior to the track (available on bandcamp) evolving to it full majesty and when it does anything not evenly balanced anywhere near the speakers will fall over as the belting fury of vocal and percussion snarl through the room akin to a raging bull charging foe.

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Forsaken – Primal Wound – Video

The Maltese doom-metal quartet Forsaken release the LP Pentateuch on the 13th of October.



Eight years after their last album After The FallForsaken make a welcome return with a studio release.

The first track to surface being the dark clouds of Primal Wound which demonstrates why for the past two decades they have remained an integral part of the Maltese and European metal scene.


Pentateuch is available from Mighty Music.

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Clandestines from Pembroke in Malta is Daniel Abdilla (Guitar / Vocals), Neil Stafrace (Bass / Vocals) and Samuel Xiberras (Drums).

Clandestines - indie rock from Malta


There are a few places in the world which seem to have an inordinate number of top quality emerging bands and Malta is one such location. For those of you who have transitioned from the old Indie Bands Blog website will know all to well regular features occur of bands from Malta. Clandestines add to that list with their raw and ready sound which could as-well be at home in the USA as in Europe.

A delightful smattering of reverbed and echoed guitar gives a hint of shoegaze without the material loosing the harsher rock edges. The trio who have been together for about three years now are equally adept at slowing the music down and allowing the shimmering guitars to float majestically to the surface as they are at leaving the percussion to hustle the creations in a flailing of energy.

Their debut nine track LP is set for release on the 6th December – Saturday As Usual – which is a fine testament to their ability.


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