Stella Diana – Der Sandmann – Audio

The Italian darkgaze trio Stella Diana release the LP 57 on the 25th.

Stella Diana - Der Sandmann

Stella Diana

A couple of songs have arisen from the album (which is available on bandcamp) the antepenultimate of the eleven being the bowed strings infused Der Sandmann which casts their signature brooding shadow through the speakers and attests to a release which will be worth grabbing hold of later in the month.

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Nereis – Breaking Bad – Video

The Italian heavy metal quintet Nereis release the LP Turning Point on the 8th of June.



A new name, though an established act who will be known to followers of Italian metal as in the latter half of last year the band Black Star changed their name to Nereis and the music will be familiar with its weave of the two six string guitars.

Breaking Bad is the first song to appear from Turning Point and the third of the dozen tracks on the album.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Turning Point – Nereis is available on iTunes.*

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PROJECT-TO – Rebirth – Audio

PROJECT-TO is an Italian dark-techno duo.



It has taken me a while to get to PROJECT-TO as I have just discovered an email of introduction which has been laying unopened in my email inbox for just over a year, therefor my apologies to one and all.

Recently to surface was the LP Black Revised – a dystopian-ambient-techno six track album. Pulsing beats are merged within an industrial glitch, yet, despite the menacing presence the listener finds themselves becalmed by the hypnotic waves of  sound that course through the bloodstream.

A roughly thirty two minutes LP which is best heard in its entirety – by way of an introduction the fourth track – Rebirth.


Black Revised – PROJECT-TO is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Tomorrow Forever – Do You Feel What I Feel? – Audio

The Italian slowgaze duo Tomorrow Forever released their eponymous EP on the 22nd.

Tomorrow Forever - photo credit - Edoardo Crespi

Tomorrow Forever – photo credit – Edoardo Crespi

Welded deeply in to ’60s psychedelia the pairing are able to refresh the ideas more accommodating for the more typical goldfish like attention span of an audience of the ’10s with no track extending over five minutes, yet within that curtailed framework are able to deliver music which seeps billowing clouds of hazy expansive sound which quietly flows through the arteries to deliver in to the brain a dose of becalming dopamine and resulting lay copious layers of feel good in which the listener is invited to lay becalmed of the stresses of daily life.

Those more perspicacious of the nature of my writing over the years, where I often develop allegory through prose, through, both the wording and also in construct of the article, will have noticed, whilst the thoughts on the music are bounded by recognition that Tomorrow Forever phrase their sounds to their abbreviated habituation, the body of this review merely contains three sentences and three paragraphs, harking more of ’60s psychedelia than ’10s brevity, hence intimating that extended versions of each individual track would, in my view, not be excessive.

The second track of the EP (available on bandcamp) being Do You Feel What I Feel?.

social media page

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March Division – Pale Noon – Video

The Italian electro-rock trio March Division are finalising details of an EP due for release later in the year.

March Division - Pale Noon

March Division

It has been a couple of years since March Division last featured, which is the reality of the fact that they have been burrowed away contemplating of new ideas and a different sound, rather than my own omissions.

From the forthcoming EP Pale Noon discovers the trio in darker countenance than material previously featured as the sultry layering of the track fills the ears with a beat to enjoy on a submerged club dance-floor with purple hued strobes, briefly alighting on others perspiring torsos, throbbing through the room.

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