The Ska Vengers – Shut Your Mouth – Video

Why it has taken over three years to return to the Indian Ska outfit The Ska Vengers is a mystery of its own creation.

The Ska Vengers - Shut Your Mouth

The Ska Vengers

Although not a new song, nor even of a recent performance, the track Shut Your Mouth, captured live in England has this past week been made available. In the fond hope of new material, a reminder of The Ska Vengers.

Special mention is made to Karan Joseph, who died last year and plays keys in this performance.

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Switcheroo – Perfect Man – Single Review

The Indian alt-rock quintet Switcheroo released the single Perfect Man on the 16th.



Intermingling classic rock, metal, maths-rock and a splash of americana enables Switcheroo to create softly spoken music, that is underpinned by solid foundation of technique and construct.

Perfect Man (available on bandcamp), like a chameleon changing colours while crossing variegated terrain, continually changes frequency dynamics through its just over five and a half minutes journey, yet doesn’t overextend its visit nor loose audience part way through, rather invites the listener to take another dip in to the track and further explore the eddies missed first time around.

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Ioish – 1313 – Audio

A few hours ago the Indian ambient-rock trio Ioish revealed the LP Reconstructing Dreams.

Ioish - 1313


The six song, approximately twenty seven minutes, album is comprised of luxuriant layers of progressive-rock that build quiet architectural complexities of multi-faceted washes that keep the listener focused within the angularity and extemporised feel of the compositions.

The antepenultimate track is the spectral 1313.

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Ioish – When The Dogs Define Her – Audio

Ioish, the Indian ambient-rock trio, are currently working on material for the LP Reconstructing Dreams.

Ioish - When The Dogs Define Her


Surfacing today is a demo version of When The Dogs Define Her, the first track to be revealed from the forthcoming album, discovers Iiosh, introduced in early 2016, with a more cinematic wash to the orchestration and given this is merely an unmixed demo signposts an LP of some considerable munificence on its way and as I have more news I will keep you informed.

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Nilein – Central Park – Single Review

The Indian slofi trio Nilein revealed the song Central Park on the 25th.



This is another one of those moments when me being late to an email, on this occasion from April of last year, has borne fruit with new material, therefore an apology for not getting to older material sooner.

Central Park slips slowly in to earshot as it peers tentatively out of the speakers, minding of a dormouse wandering in to a potential spot in which to hibernate and spotting some comfortable nesting and busying itself building a bed prior to quietly resolving into slumber merely a tad over three minutes later, yet hypnotically engrossing the audience with its tentative and careful footstep though the course of the fleeting moments of its activity.

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