Deer is the trip-hop duo of Adriana Martinez and Miguel Bastida originally from Mexico now Hong Kong based.

Deer - eponymous EP - artwork

Deer – eponymous EP – artwork

From a training in classical music Deer has been able to stride the great divide to trip-hop and deliver compositions that elegantly glide around the room in elegant sweeps of floating textures.

With tracks ranging from the dance-floor to the chill-out room Deer is able to provide the listener with compositions that regardless of tempo are full of elements which they bring together into an unhurried loop of sound that transfixes the mind. The nature of the out-put gives the music a translucence that glows deeper as tracks develop.

As you know I often refer to three minutes as being all that is needed for almost all music, the duo deliver pieces that I just want to run for many an hour as they glissade elegantly into the brain.

Hit play and time will stand still as Deer fuse their understanding of symphonia and switch it to producing an ambient back-drop for the audience to become entranced.

The eponymous EP by Deer that came out on the 15th is available on bandcamp through Metal Postcard Records.


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