The Noise Figures

From Athens in Greece comes George Nikas (Drums / Vocals) and Stamos Bamparis (Guitars) who make up the garage rock out-fit The Noise Figures.

The Noise Figures - Garage Rock from Greece

The Noise Figures – image credit: Thodoris Markou

The duo is able to deliver a sound which has the aural context of more than two players as they extend brooding storm clouds from the speakers. There is much to enjoy here as The Noise Figures produce music replete with sludgy depth and vivacity and for a duo that is a conceptual conundrum and well worth taking time to invest.

By combing West Coast USA lo-fi with British blues rock,  The Noise Figures,  intrigue as much as entertain providing the listener with compositions which enthral and entrance. Their ability to take the simple and shuffle in complexity of flavour affords them the space and time to produce sounds which are at one moment familiar, the next stunningly idiosyncratic.

This is a band of polar opposites and lack of players which at face value should shoot itself in the foot, instead of which the audience remains in startled silence. One gets the feeling if you are looking for a current translation of the flight from Sodom and the Pillar of Salt The Noise Figures are the epitome, don’t look back after you have encountered Athens 2013 with George and Stamos.


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The Bennetts

From Athens in Greece we find the indie-pop outfit The Bennetts comprising Fotis (Vocals / Guitar), Thanasis (Guitar), Don Mondie (Bass) and Akis (Drums).

The Bennetts - indie pop from Greece

The Bennetts

Perfect Friday morning fayre, The Bennetts produce music with no frippery that gets right to the heart of the matter, garage driven indie-pop with slight guitar distortion which matches the idiosyncratic vocal and the whole sound catches the listener slightly off guard.

These guys are masters at raising an enormous question mark the moment you hit play as they continually play slightly off key, which were it not for the fact that they can carry off so well you are initially tempted to write it off as a band needing to practice more. Don’t let that initial thought sully your continued listening. It is this quirky tongue in cheek approach that actually is the key attraction to The Bennetts.

As necessary and appropriate to the mood of  the song, they slide majestically into the natural melodies and the whole discordance of it all takes on an immeasurable glow of good humour

About a year old now The Bennetts have just released their debut seven track LP Dreamkeepers, on the USA indie label Jigsaw Records who are developing a name for themselves in the quirky world of indie-pop, to follow up their earlier single .


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