Kooba Tercu

Kooba Tercu from Athens in Greece is the experimental-rock sextet of John Tercu (Vocals), Kostantinos (Guitar), Voltas (Percussion), Philip (Drums), Mits (Synth) and Kosmas (Bass).

Kooba Tercu - Experimental rock from Greece

Kooba Tercu

Taking tried and trusted progression of rock tracks Kooba Tercu inject a seam of acid to the core, filling the frothing spaces with dark industrial influences, giving the resulting out-put a stark and gloomy presence that permeates the room. Whilst somewhat experimental the sound doesn’t veer off the edge of the page and the listener is able to discern a direction of travel.

Kooba Tercu express the uncertainties and societal disconnect across much of the world, giving the material absolute relevance to the ’10s.  The electronics allow the sextet to take the music far further into the exploration of these considerations than would be the case with standard rock instrumentation and they combine the various elements in music that seems to absorb the brains thinking patterns and drawing the mind into the sounds.

An eponymous LP was released last month, which is available on bandcamp with provides just under forty minutes of creativity and is worth spending the time with to get to know Kooba Tercu.

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Ghost Season

The Athens, Greece, based Ghost Season is a rock quintet comprising – Nick Lountos (Vocals), Nick Christolis (Guitars), Nash Sinner (Guitar), Dorian Gates (Bass) and Chris Grekas (Drums).

Ghost Season - rock from Greece

Ghost Season

A mesmerising flurry of percussion spirals around the room as Ghost Season bring their metal inspired melodic rock to the audience. It is easy to imagine the quintet filling a big stadium with their commodious guitars which soar out of the speakers with fluidity and prowess. Only a year and a bit old, the quintet sound as through they have been together far longer.

Ghost Season fill the ears with powerful undertow that is driven by the bass and rip current drums as the two guitars add complexity through wave upon wave of chords whilst the vocal rounds out the music with a classic rock presence.

The genre of heavy-rock inspired sounds is a space in which many bands jostle for notice yet Ghost Season manage to carve out some room through skilful musicianship that deservedly allows the spotlight to rest upon their out-put.

Still establishing their fan-base and live performance presence, Ghost Season have been able to release their first EP – Ghosts Like Her, which serves as a fine introduction to a band who have the potential to travel far and I wish them every success. Rumour has it of an LP to follow – this year.


Ghosts Like Her – EP – Ghost Season is available on iTunes.*

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12gafs from Athens in Greece is the alt-rock quartet of Panos Glinos, Dimitris Sakellariou, Antonis Mantakas and Vassilis Petris.

12gafs - alt-rock from Greece


Don’t hit play until you are standing up as 12gafs skittle around the room in a delightful fizz of dance steps. A sublime beat slips its way into the body and you will find yourself catching your breath with an involuntary six step as the quartet sizzle up ’50s to the ’10s in a natural progression.

12gafs are not all about fast pace, as they have the ability to slow down the music completely to a darker more considered space with songs that reflect of emotional tumult and this ability to focus energies from the physical to the mind gives the quartet a place of more than passing interest.

A well tempered percussion holds the out-put together as all else is framed by the ever present beating drums. The bass is given responsibility for setting the mood of pieces, whilst guitars paint the flourishes as an expressive vocal finesses the variations of theme and the resulting delivery by 12gafs lays comfortably on the ears, whilst retaining attention.

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An eponymous LP is available on bandcamp, which serves more as an introduction compilation as all the songs were recorded separately and subsequently gathered together.

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My Drunken Haze

My Drunken Haze from Athens in Greece is the Psychedelic quintet of Spir Frelini (Guitars), Harry Kane (Guitars / Vocals), Matina Sous Peau (Vocals / Tambourine), Costas Gunn (Bass) and Nick Zouras (Drums).

My Drunken Haze - Photo by Dionyssis Matiatos

My Drunken Haze – Photo by Dionyssis Matiatos

Multicoloured shapes spiral across the room as My Drunken Haze unify ’60s beatnik with the 21st Century to afford the listener with room to pull out the bean bags and wallow in the weaving notes. The compositions do not stretch the mind to phantasmagoria, yet have a blurry definition which steals its way into the synapses, shifting the patterns in the brain.

Melding soupçons of electronica along with the switches between the guitars enables My Drunken Haze to keep the music bouncing onwards as the percussion maintains a flowing back-drop. Bass is permitted to wallow in snatches of nostalgia, whilst the vocal, marginally muted, reverbed and echoed gives the overall output a an easy tilt to which the mind can readily flow.

The quintet have the confidence to not hurry the pace and tracks are allowed to develop at their own natural rhythm, which means pieces can extend to over seven minutes, yet the audience is in no rush to reach the conclusion.

A début LP – a nine track forty minute eponymously titled piece appeared on the 3rd.

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My Drunken Haze – My Drunken Haze is available on iTunes.*

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L!MBO from Athens in Greece is the electro-rock band of Anthony (Guitar / Vocals), GDaddie (Samples / Synths), Nais (Bass) and Purr (Drums).

L!MBO - electro-rock from Greece


The ambient psychedelia of L!MBO wefts its way around the room in undulations of echoing chambers of music. The electronics give the music both a continuity and fluidity to the sounds, they are also able to direct the compositions to more spacious projections, though are not allowed to dominate the tracks.

The core elements surround rock derived formations which dip into influences by the likes of The Velvet Underground and Brit-rock of the ’90s affording L!MBO  the opportunity to arrive at a sonically intoxicating space. The compositions keep the ear finely tuned to the nuances which keeps the audience captivated by the surprising twists and turns along the way.

Formed back in 2010 the music of L!MBO has evolved over time to remain constantly cognisant of the currency of the world, with the latest pieces having a darker more foreboding feel. I am hoping there is an EP in the wings to update the sounds for those of us not able to get to see them live.

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