Baby Guru – Palace In The Sun – Audio

The Greek synth-rock quartet Baby Guru released the LP IV on the 28th of February.

Baby Guru

Baby Guru

Reflective of their approach to music, which threads through various iterations, the eight track, about forty minutes album (available on bandcamp) takes a broad brush to the canvas delivering a wide ranging soundscape in which the listener can dip in and out of or listen to in one sitting to enjoy the ideas presented.

My selection from IV is the sixth track – Palace In The Sun.


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Σtella – Running Slow – Audio

The Greek indie-synth project Σtella released the LP Works For You on the 13th.

Σtella - Running Slow


The eleven track, approximately thirty six minutes, album (available on bandcamp) contains the slightly melancholic air which is synonymous with Σtella.

The ninth piece – Running Slow.

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Ghost Season – Fade Away – Video

The Greek alt-metal outfit Ghost Season released the LP Like Stars In A Neon Sky late last month.

Ghost Season - Like Stars In A Neon Sky - artwork

Ghost Season – Like Stars In A Neon Sky – artwork

Thunderous percussion roars around the room with measured guitars giving Fade Away, the third of the dozen tracks on the album, a melodious undertow which too is carried by vocals.

Like Stars in a Neon Sky – Ghost Season is available on iTunes.*

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Deaf Radio – Vultures & Killers – Audio

The Greek rock band Deaf Radio released the LP Alarm on the 9th.

Deaf Radio - Vultures & Killers

Deaf Radio

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which threads through high energy numbers to slower paced pieces – at which ever tempo the songs are delivered the listener has the sense of a pent-up ball of energy rolling around the room.

The ever pressurising bass features strongly through Alarm with percussion keeping the material tightly compressed from which guitar is only ever given a short leash to stray while vocal slides in and out of earshot.

Vultures & Killers is the third number on the LP.

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Sofia Sarri – Still Universe – Audio

The Cretan electro-folk project of Sofia Sarri releases the début LP Euphoria in January.

Sofia Sarri

Sofia Sarri

From the forthcoming album – Still Universe is a slowly unfurling track that combines traditional instrumentation, including the Cretan Lyra, with electronics, modern instruments and vocal to deliver almost seven minutes of immersive sound in which the listener looses track of time and situation.


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