piu shok

piu shok is the alt-electro duo of Peter Dick (Vocals) and and Jonas Holle (Guitar / Electronics) from Berlin in Germany.

piu shok - alt-electro from Germany

piu shok

Floating across the room like digital clouds piu shok have an ambient dance texture, to which they have added refinements which gives the material a direct link to the listener, giving it a more connected feel. The individual notes are allowed to extend their stay giving the music a sense of timelessness, whilst the vocal gently drifts to the ears.

Tracks are not overly long, but due to the style of delivery seem to extend far beyond their duration, providing a gentle bed of down in which the listener can calmly lay. The combinations of acoustics and electronics enable piu shok to explore new paths within what is a well travelled genre. The home production values equally provide the out-put a closer relationship with the audience.

To be found regularly performing locally a selection of tracks are coming on-line, along with associated videos to provide a chance for those not in Berlin the opportunity to nestle in the comfort of the sounds that emanate from piu shok.

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Super Hard Boys

Super Hard Boys from Köln in Germany is the alt-rock quartet of Nima DavariArkadius KilaThomas Pischke and Frank Heßeler.

Super Hard Boys - alt-rock from Germany - logo by - Kiryk Drewinski

Super Hard Boys – Logo by Kiryk Drewinski

Super Hard Boys ply hammering bass into the ears, whilst a sharply driven percussion fixes the nails in position for axe wielded guitars to deploy their force, whilst an otherworldly vocal shimmers around the room. These are an uncompromising quartet I implore you to get to know better.

The solid wall of Super Hard Boys ploughs through the room in a menacing force majeure which sublimates all before it and you will find yourself checking that the foundations of the building are not liquefied as the unremitting pulsating sound that marks out the band continue to pour forth. This is with no doubt music to turn as loud as you are able to squeeze from your amps and your ears will start to throb with anxiety, whilst your brain pulses with the sounds.

To be found playing locally I would hope that their recent eponymous début fourteen track release of recordings from 2012 will find Super Hard Boys greater exposure.


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The Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit an indie rock band from Bremen in Germany is Kai KampfTom Wagner and Ben Safier.

The Eternal Spirit - indie rock from Germany

The Eternal Spirit

Like squeezing fresh lemon there is a bursting zest to the sounds produced by The Eternal Spirit which bounce around the room in a spray of vitality. The compositions are smartly delivered by the trio with a lightness of touch that lifts the spirits of the listener.

There is a bluesy lilt to some of the material which gives it an alternative texture not often found in the genre and makes for an intriguing journey working through the catalogue of material. The Eternal Spirit is able to extend their range from disco to reggae influenced indie rock with an easy hand on the tiller, whilst retaining a reference that marks out their signature sound and for a trio that ability to spread their net so wide coherently is something of a pleasure.

Underneath the ear friendly compositions there lays a connection with the audience and it will be interesting to follow their progress as they are perhaps a band out of context with the local region as this would sit well in the UK and gain far higher visibility than thus far achieved. A new EP is set for release in May, one can only hope this extends their range of fans.


Cocaine Paradise – The Eternal Spirit is available on iTunes*.

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Klubgrün from Münster in Germany is the electro-indie quartet of Dennis AbstiensRolf LaakmannStefan Matysick and Carsten Wolters.

Klubgrün - electro-indie from Germany

Klubgrün – Photo Credit Klaus Depenbrock

A palpable immersive cloud veils the room on hitting play as Klübgrun combine electro-dance with instrumentation to deliver a sound that is geographically unplaceable, which should give them the world as a potential audience. Despite the material being of highest quality and of great value to the world of music they are rarely to be found releasing new material, although I have been able to glean that they are heading back into the studio imminently, so I hope 2014 brings forth some more of their delightful sounds.

As I write this review I find myself spanning 4 years to find music to play, for a reason I have thus far been unable to ascertain. I guess you are sensing my frustration – I want to hear much, much more as Klübgrun deliver music which feeds the brain like a hit of dopamine. The quartet layer the music with electronics and instrumentation which is full of complexities and sounds to explore which have a sense of flowing around the bloodstream.


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Harry Gump

Harry Gump from Rottenburg an der Laaber (you just knew that had to be in Germany) is Harry plus players as and when needed for live and recorded performance – an alt-folk songwriter.

Harry Gump - alt-folk from Germany

Harry Gump

There is so much to enjoy here with Harry Gump – I am not sure where to start….

The frayed jeans – growling vocals sprawl across the room. The smart shoes – a clear and well structured out-put. The T-Shirt – an edge of friction. The well tailored jacket – the intellect. In summation, unhappy perspectives of the world around, set to a smart compositions.

Perchance, I was drawn to look out of the window to spot a flock of Seagulls (not the band) arguing with a murder of crows over a feeding spot, whilst both considerate of Red Kites who have recently be reintroduced into the area and I found myself listening to a sound-track that fitted the moment.

Whilst Harry has an excellent grasp of English, I do believe the vocals would be enhanced by being written in native German, where the juices could flow more naturally, though I do understand why the delivery is in English. I do hope that Harry Gump decide to revert to the home language and at that point, we may well find iconic ’60s pioneers of agit-folk would have a run for their money.


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