Juniore – Magnifique – Audio

The French yéyé quartet Juniore release the LP Magnifique on the 7th of July.

Juniore - photo credit - Thomas Bader

Juniore – photo credit – Thomas Bader

A band that it is always a pleasure to return to and the news of a further album, serves to brighten the day.

Within the bast dozen hours the title track and penultimate on the LP (available through Outré) is as it suggests on the tin Magnifique.

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The Morganatics – Done With The Wings – Video

The French electro-rock quartet The Morganatics have just successfully crowdfunded for a new LP.

The Morganatics - Done With The Wings

The Morganatics

As a thanks to those who donated, the second track to surface from the forthcoming album was revealed along with a video last week.

Done With Wings encompasses a more fiery side than music of theirs previously featured.

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Les Manteez – Venus – Audio

The French sultrywave duo Les Manteez released the LP Season Five on the 25th of May.

Les Manteez

Les Manteez

Another one of those musical acts best heard whilst nestled with another as the alluring songs trickle through the ears.

Venus, the opening track of the six on the album portrays less of the planet and more of the Roman Goddess of love, beauty and desire in its journey as it opens an LP of passionate moment feeding to a nerve trembling and full body orgasm to savour long after the 23 minutes of the foreplay of Season 5 has faded from the mind.

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Season 5 – EP – Les Manteez is available on iTunes.*

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Blondstone – Liquid Sound – Video

The French rock trio Blondstone last featured four years ago, at the time of their last release – the LP Mass Solace, word has arrived of a new EP – My Dark Sweet Friend – being on its way imminently.

Blondstone - Liquid Sound


A change of line-up, with Adrien Kah being the new bassist, also discovers Blondstone with a slightly different emphasis in sound with the music making a less brooding presence in the room and discovering, as evidenced in the first track to surface from the forthcoming EP – Liquid Sound, a more classic rock derived influence driving through the speakers.

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SuperParka – Stumble – Audio

Superparka is a swish-swash duo from France.



I apologise for the late feature, this introduction has been hanging around in my email system since earlier this month, the week before last they released the LP sushi boubou #1 (which is available on bandcamp)

An eight track album which glides through the room as though attired in a silken long-dress elegantly striding round the ballroom floor cloaking the listener in a gentle ebb and flow of ambient electronica.

The fourth track is Stumble.

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