Forwardman – When Did The King Need A Reason To Sing – Video

The Finnish electro-rock project Forwardman has revealed the latest track from the forthcoming LP New Tomorrow.

Forwardman - When Did The King Need A Reason To Sing - artwork

Forwardman – When Did The King Need A Reason To Sing – artwork

When Did The King Need A Reason To Sing is a track that ponders the fractured social cohesion around much of the world in which the morally questionable has become the aspirational normality for far too many.

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The Botherers – Bad Cops II – Audio

The Finnish trippy-garage trio The Botherers are planning to release the LP Urban Schizophrenia later in the year.

The Botherers

The Botherers

Released on the 23rd was the AA side single Side In: Message / Side Out: Bad Cops II (available on bandcamp) containing two songs from the album and signposts of an album which will be full of twists and turns that will warm up the latter part of the year.

By way of an introduction – Bad Cops II.

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Can Can Heads – Mies tulee mies menee – Audio

I find it hard to believe that is the best part of three years since the iconic Finnish experimental outfit Can Can Heads last featured.

Can Can Heads - Mies tulee mies menee

Can Can Heads

In their inimitable style unless you can find the cached file of Monorural Recordings, their eleven track album which came out earlier in the month – as I type – it has already gone – though it may well be that it will surface again soonish – and judging by where it was originally, albeit briefly, available – I think keeping an eye out on their bandcamp account may prove helpful.

Making a welcome return nonetheless – the fourth song – Mies tulee mies menee – I have however been able to trace.

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Pastis – Es Muss Sein – Audio

The Finnish alt-rock quintet Pastis released their début EP Four Stories last week.

Pastis - Photo by Ashley Wolf

Pastis – Photo by Ashley Wolf

Fishing deep in to the pool of ’60s and ’70s brit-blues and merseybeat Pastis deliver music that has a warm analogue glow which palpably raises the temperature in the room. By flattening the dynamics of range in the songs they counterintuitively, for those used to a world of digital sharp definition production as being a normality, are able to create music that is wrapped in multifarious texturing in which the listener finds natural cohesion, far more expressively than multi-track compositions are ever able.

Word arrives they are preparing to launch themselves on the live circuit in and around Helsinki, if you happen to be nearby, whilst also planning a second release for later in the year.

Had they been listening to their music as the photpgraph was taken, they would have had no need for overcoats and woolly jumpers.

My selection of the EP, which is available on bandcamp, being the opener Es Muss Sein.

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Uptown Electronics – Crashin’ Slow – Video

The Finnish dark-rock band Uptown Electronics released the two track single Crashin’ Slow on the 15th.

Uptown Electronics - Crashin' Slow - artwork

Uptown Electronics – Crashin’ Slow – artwork

There is a different layering than music previously featured which is evident in both Crashin’ Slow and the B side Release The Pressure where rock guitar architecture builds the scaffolding to the songs as the looming tracks darken the doorway.

These are capable musicians and I look forward to hearing more in the coming years.

Crashin’ Slow – Single – Uptown Electronics is available on iTunes.*

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