Los And The Deadlines

Los And The Deadlines an alt-rock band based in London, England, is Alex LoSardo (Vocals / Guitar), Niels Bakx (Guitar), Agostino Collura (Bass) and Alberto Voglino (Drums).

Loss And The Deadlines - alt-rock from England

Loss And The Deadlines – image © www.RealGigReel.com

Mixing elements of the disparate cultural backgrounds and musical influences Los And The Deadlines deliver a rock rooted sound with lyrics reflecting on everyday life which add a sardonic nature to the sounds.

Forming back in 2010 the line-up has undergone changes to the bass and percussion which has led to an evolution of the sound from earlier material. There remain elements of maths-rock and jazz derivatives, which are driven by a steely bass / drum combination that keeps the music driving forwards. To accommodate the evolution of the sounds a five track EP Part One: Bank was recently released, which, you will have guessed it to be followed up in due course with part two.

Los And The Deadlines, with their iconic style, do seek to challenge the listener, however, accepting the questions is a worthwhile exercise. The latest release spreads the sounds far and wide, enabling listeners to find something of attention within the material and once you have found your own personal hook the rest of Part One: Bank makes perfect sense.

A touch too grown-up for me to add to the everyday playlist, this suits well on more thoughtful days.


Pt. 1: Bank – EP – Los and The Deadlines is available on iTunes*.

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Deadcuts from London in England is the alt-rock quartet of Mark Keds (Vocals / Guitar), Jerome Alexandre  (Vocals / Guitar), Trevor Sharpe (Drums) and Mark McCarthy (Bass).

Deadcuts - alt-rock from England


What better way to start a Sunday (as I write) than listening to music emerging from a crypt. Deadcuts combine fuzz and gloom to create sounds which coat the room in a blanket you just don’t want to leave. Well written material rebounds with echoing guitars which lean across each other, giving the sounds a sense of being touchable, whilst bass and percussion loom behind, giving the tracks their oppressive atmosphere. Vocals are delivered as-though from another dimension.

These are experienced and talented musicians who are able to portray, sonically, impressively encapsulating imagery and deliver music that is best taken in large doses. Reference points from standard bearers of the darker side of rock of decades gone by are clearly identified, but Deadcuts do not fall in to the trap of trying to recreate the past, rather bring a 21st century dimension to the compositions.

A couple of years behind them the quartet are developing a strong local following and establishing a profile, it would be deserved if 2014 found Deadcuts making larger strides and I look forward to hearing more.


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The Bordellos

The Bordellos from St. Helens in England is the agit-rock trio of Brian (Guitar / Bass /vocals), Dan (Keyboards / Bass / Guitar / Drums / Vocals) and Ant (Percussion / Harmonica / Vocals).

The Bordellos - agit-rock from England

The Bordellos

Ever focussing on issues which vex them, The Bordellos reflect a continually changing landscape in their music. Extant for many a year through various iterations, the music ever has a connectedness of vicissitude melted into lo-fi hieroglyphs.

There is much to credit a core group of musicians who can find commonality in an ever shifting paradigm of shifting sands as they peruse the inconsistencies of the world outside their window. Parallaxes of sounds drift across the room as The Bordellos expound on the issues of strife.

Sporadic releases are made available in short bursts of activity which resonate of a moment in time and the band offers a reflective snapshot of the surrounding moment.

Personally I enjoy music which is of its moment as it stands as a testament, in the same way to diary entries of currency. Which for it’s very self-reflective introspection makes it less tangible when looked at from a different lens and I will inevitably seek to offer you music from time to time which causes you a moment to conjugate.

I find The Bordellos fascinating for their very inconsistencies and hope they stay to diarise the world from  St. Helens for a long time to come.


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Burnt Tomorrow

Burnt Tomorrow from Reading in England is the folk-rock quartet of Simon Driscoll (Guitar / Lead Vocal), Gabs De Tena (Bass / Backing Vocals), Jack Douglas (Drums / Backing Vocals) and JP Fleuret (Piano / Accordion / Ukulele).

Burnt Tomorrow - folk-rock from England

Burnt Tomorrow


Originally formed in 2009 as a three piece for a one off gig, although enjoying the experience, it took Burnt Tomorrow a while to get their act together finally becoming a four-piece and playing local venues. It wasn’t until April last year that they released their debut LP My First Mistake. Now setting their eyes to further horizons aiming to bring their live shows to a wider audience. It was a good thing that the original trio enjoyed the first gig else the world of music would have lost some well put together material.

Combining  a diversity of influences within the line-up Burnt Tomorrow deliver an earthy rock pillar to folk and country textures giving the material a depth and quality that has the ability to sweep up the listener in the sounds being delivered. Not overplaying any one hand the quartet provides a gentle rocking motion which is easy to spend time as the switches between vocal emphasis and supporting instruments gives pieces different sounds which fulcrum around bass and percussion laden tracks.

Easy on the ears, yet somehow captivating.


My First Mistake – Burnt Tomorrow is available on iTunes*

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Spit Shake Sisters

Spit Shake Sisters the garage rock quartet of Harrison (Guitar /Vocals), Rivers (synth / guitar / vocals), Ben (Bass / Vocals) and Zal (Drums) is from Brighton in England.

Spit Shake Sisters - garage rock from England

Spit Shake Sisters

Ignore the obvious pastiche of The Nuns and we find Spit Shake Sisters have some sounds of their own to resonate. The only sadness is they wanted to subsume themselves inside another band from before when the players were born, but on peeling back the plastic we find sounds of crawling locusts emerging from the pupae. Moving onwards….

Spit Shake Sisters send tightly knotted reflections of The Kinks swarming into the room as they gather their skirts and scuff around the floor lathering layers of dust on the audience. There is a concurrency that filters inside the retrospective to deliver music which is of its time, as dragging bass lines harpoon the six strings towards the audience, whilst in the background plays a landscape. Vocal temptations draw the listener towards the speakers.

I want to engage with Spit Shake Sisters, they need to get over being a band that was of its prime in the early ’80s, particularly when on stage they don’t don the habits they use in promotional material, if ever there was a band who needed to change their plastic profile and name –  as inside it all they are of relevance to the ’10s if only they ever get to believe it.


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