The Archive – Forever – Audio

The English alt-rock trio The Archive are planning for the release of their début EP in short order.

The Archive

The Archive

A relatively new outfit with only two tracks around, a month or so apart, of different flavour. The most recent, which surfaced on the 3rd is immeasurably stronger than their first reveal.

The melancholic, emoesque Forever, akin to a business of flies, fills the room with an ever more  distorted, buzzing waves of sound as it breaks down and recomposes through the approaching three minutes journey.

On the back of this track I look forward to hearing much more of The Archive, in this vein of composition, in short order.

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Johnny Kills – Who’s Counting? – Single Review

The English garage-surf band Johnny Kills released the single Who’s Counting? on the 4th.

Johnny Kills - photo credit - 66photography99

Johnny Kills – photo credit – 66photography99

With a fuzzier glow to it than previous material of theirs in Who’s Counting, Johnny Kills, deliver a track which is right on point here in England, where the sun is bright the day is lazy and all seems well with life, other than – lyrically – the track ponders the fraught fear of a new relationship, where it is easy to hang on every turn of phrase to find a hidden meaning of rejection that never was there in the first place. Paradoxically this juxtaposition of hazy summer days and introspective turmoil merely adds to the calming analogue feeling hum of the music in to which the listener lays back with nary a care to bask in the warmth.

Who’s Counting? – Single – Johnny Kills is available on iTunes.*

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Wasabi Fire Alarm – Self Doubt – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Wasabi Fire Alarm were introduced earlier this year.

Wasabi Fire Alarm - Self Doubt

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Getting together only a few months ago Wasabi Fire Alarm have veritably sprinted out of the starting blocks with their début LP Two Fingers In A V (available on their website) being released at the tail end of last month.

Self Doubt – the sixth of the ten tracks on the album, which evokes of shifting realities of a mind in the vice of a mental disorder, is underpinned by an expanding and contracting prog-jazz rhythm.

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The Vedettes – Silver – Single Review

The English indie quintet The Vedettes, having played their first live performance on the 12th released their début single – Silver – on the 24th.

The Vedettes

The Vedettes

I suppose, fairly typically of me, that with only two songs around I would find myself drawn more to the unreleased demo rather than the song that made the cut – however both demonstrate something slightly different.

The unreleased song Get Up is a compacted pacey composition that fires sharp punches out of the speakers.

The song that has been released – Silver – opens with an echoing guitar accompanied by thudding percussion prior to flowering in to a breezy indie-dance track of classic construct. A powerful and precise performance on drum-kit gives the song a beefy spine while the guitars and bass fade to support a spotlight on the voice, an extended bridge, which sees out the track once again affords instrumentation and in particular guitar an opportunity to shine.

Underpinning the mainstream sounds of Silver lay some players with self-evidently expressive talent and I wish The Vedettes every success in finding a means to allow those abilities to shine through and afford the quintet a point of difference in a style of music that is, otherwise, a crowded market place.

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Silver – The Vedettes is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

War Waves – Sleep – Audio

The English anxiety-rock quartet War Waves will be releasing the EP Be Well on the 7th of December.

War Waves

War Waves

In advance, the song Sleep was released yesterday as a standalone single (available on bandcamp).

Think emo that has put on a smart pair of trousers and parted its hair and you will be in the right frame of mind on hitting play. The wringing restlessness trickles out of the speakers ensnaring the listener in its flattened frame as the room fills with the palpable feel of emotional-angst.

Emo is an oft maligned genre dismissed by many as merely the sound of growing pains. It is far more than that, as pretty well everyone at some point in time during every year, regardless of their age, goes through a crisis of confidence and in SleepWar Waves have been able to reflect, albeit with a slower hand though no less insightful, of when life just seems to pile on a heap of issues all at the same moment.

In so doing, War Waves, have also been able to salve at least one existential crisis for their fan-base as this marks their first release since 2016.

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