Band of the Month – April 2018 – Readers’ Choice

A thanks again for your presence as without you the site would make little sense – time for the Readers’ Choice for Band of the Month for April…

Atlantic Machine - Band Of The Month - April 2018

Atlantic Machine

…The English alt-rock outfit Atlantic Machine being the selection.

Mosquito – Atlantic Machine is available on iTunes.*

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Brockley Forest – One Obsession – Audio

The English alt-rock duo Brockley Forest release the three track single Castaway on the 11th of May with a launch show at The Old Bookshop in Bristol with a guest appearance by another locally based act who last featured on the site in 2015 – Mutant-Thoughts.

Brockley Forest - One Obsession

Brockley Forest

Continuing with what is becoming a tradition of the duo only appearing on the site on even numbered years since their introduction in 2014 then again in 2016 – although no recorded material has been missed in the intervening period, Brockley Forest can be discovered regularly in live performance.

The three songs on Castaway sear through the speakers in crunchy combinations of furious guitar and percussion casting gnarled roots through the room – the opening song is One Obsession. Time will tell if it is 2020 that Brockley Forest next appear – I sincerely hope this is a tradition that can be broken.

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Alberteen – Post-Human – Audio

The English electro-rock quintet Alberteen release the two track single Hey Joe! on the 28th.

Alberteen - Post-Human


The A side and title of the single is not, as those of my thought may immediately ponder a reference to Hey Joe by Captain Sensible on the LP Wargasm, rather a literary note to the English playwright Joe Orton.

Though as you will have rightly assumed by the article title my pick of the release is the B side – Post-Human and therefore the mention of the Captain Sensible song makes far more sense as the calm synthesis gently blowing the ears with a teasing warmth breath within the context of the dystopian landscape of the song bears strong symmetry.

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Desmerelda – This Time – Single Review

The English garage-rock trio Desmerelda were introduced just over a year ago.

Desmerelda - This Time


Their newest track – This Time – is a mix of spikey-top new wave, progressive-blues and single string, middle-eastern tradition, steel that all rumbles through the room like watching a freight train rush past whilst standing on a railway-station platform with the different shaped carriages speeding along in seemingly random order – hit play and that descriptor will all make much more sense than attempting to work out what any of it means – though before you do – make sure the volume is turned high to fully enjoy the three and a half minutes of music.

This Time [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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Astral Trip – ROCK TH!S D!SCO – Single Review

The English alt-rock duo Astral Trip released the two track single ROCK TH!S D!SCO – on the 16th.

Astral Trip - ROCK TH!S D!SCO

Astral Trip

Last featured back in 2016 it is good to catch up again with their sludgy beat which always adds to the weave of life.

Rock This Disco (available on bandcamp) finds Astral Trip striding in to the glitterball of nu-disco a development which superbly fits with their signature gloopy sounds which fits like a glove with the darkened shadows of the genre.

Now I’m Free (also available on bandcamp via a separate link) is more reminiscent of their rock derivative and my selection of the two songs.

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