Oh, The Guilt – Darkest Days – Single Review

The noir-rock trio of Elijah DahlHannah Layhe and Chris Nicholls from Bristol (England) – Oh, The Guilt – released the single Darkest Days today.

Oh, The Guilt

Oh, The Guilt

Following on from their 2016 eponymous EP (available on bandcamp) Darkest Days (also available on bandcamp) while holding similar brooding presence in its slowly rotating dark gothic demeanour is simultaneously able to catch the sense of isolation and introspective melancholia felt when life goes badly wrong while equally offering outstretched arms extending a comforting and sympathetic embrace of companionship.

A song which, in my view, lifts their music in to an altogether higher plane of performance as the absorbing bass, muffled percussion and dreamy guitar are woven with the hypnotic and otherworldly vocal, giving the song a mesmeric allure – there are few better ways in which to spend the seven and just over three quarters minutes of Darkest Days – I merely implore of Oh, The Guilt that it is long before 2020 that they return with new music.

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Chemtrails – I’ll Never Be – Audio

Mia Lust (Guitar / Vocals), Laura Orlova (Guitar / Vocals), Laura Sumner (Bass / Vocals), Ian Jubb (Keyboard) and David Mayman (Drums) from London (England) form the garage band Chemtrails and will be releasing the LP Cuckoo Spit on the 7th of December.

Chemtrails - Photo by Chris Patmore Music

Chemtrails – Photo by Chris Patmore Music

A six track album which is available on vinyl through PNKSLM or digitally on bandcamp has been preceded by the reveal of the second track on the release I’ll Never Be.

A rockabilly offering through which Wurlitzer effect synth blending with winding country guitar creates a retrospective dance track that merely asks of the listener to find their drainpipes, pencil skirts, Edwardian drapes and brothel creepers before heading out on to the floor.

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The Rumble Skulls – Why You Are – Single Review

It has been a couple of years since the electro-rock outfit The Rumble Skulls from England last featured, which is more due to my inept administration than lack of new material.

The Rumble Skulls - Why You Are -artwork

The Rumble Skulls – Why You Are -artwork

The latest track to surface, Why You Are, that appeared on the 15th, again displays the free movement of the music with the roving combinations of effects and rocky guitar painting a landscape of intricate weaves, rounded by an unexpectedly expansive vocal that brightens the day for its presence and offers a moment in which to rest the barbs of the day.

Rumour also has it that an LP is waiting in the wings for release later in the year, which I look forward to hearing.

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The Bright Lights – The Rise And The Fall – Single Review

The English new-wave quartet The Bright Lights revealed their latest track – The Rise And The Fall – on the 13th.

The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights

As I have mentioned in previous features, a quartet who keep a low profile, are going even further underground as The Rise And Fall will be their last reveal for a while.

Once again, clear a space to join in with the blustering gale that is The Bright Lights with the hard pressing bass and percussion rattling the window frames, while the guitar bends in to contortions of blistered rock, rock-a-billy chords and in this instance, ska rhythm, to enable their music to always be of a multi-dimensional journey and as ever topped out by the singularity of the mesmeric vocal that is able to shape the songs like a chameleon changing colours.

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Violet – Heaven Adores You – Single Review

The English haze-rock quintet Violet released the single Heaven Adores You on the 12th.

Violet - photo credit - Rachel Spivey

Violet – photo credit – Rachel Spivey

Rotating reverb and effects fold one around the other, akin to a solar corona as dawn breaks, with the elongated notes of the three guitars diffusing in to multicoloured fractals, while a brit-pop vocal gives the song a semblance to ’90s grunge and bass and percussion tethering the slowly paced piece like a dragging anchor – as the music fills the room with immersive and ever expanding layers of tripped out rock in to which the listener succumbs their senses to ease away the stresses and strains of the daily grind of life.

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