KynchinLay an alt indie band from Liverpool centres around K G Wilson (Vocals / Guitar), Damien Welsh (Drums) and Mal Williams (Bass).

KynchinLay - alt indie from England


There are a melange of retrospective new wave and ska influences that weave their way through the music of KynchinLay, that isn’t to say this is a tour through the history books as the material breathes of the moment.

The contemplative sounds slide out of the speakers in black clouds of angst that wrap around the head in an enveloping embrace, as percussion and bass lay the frame for the compositions. The arterial flow comes through a precise guitar over which plays the vocal commentary of the social mores of the environment around. The tracks are varied in texture and whilst each stands well on its own the cohesion of the full spread far better demonstrates the abilities of the band.

The highly creative musicians whilst extrapolating the conundrums of the times, also seem somewhat inextricably caught up in them as they continue to release singles rather than doing what makes more sense to the listener – combining them together to give a full perspective.

I have been in contact with the band for some time and it is when I now put fingers to keyboard that I am able to define what I find frustrating and has held me back so far. Please let the songs out in one EP as in context it all makes far more sense than disjointed singles. Sure I appreciate that many people prefer to purchase singles, but if the music needs releasing as a body of work, then it needs releasing as a body of work. I am sort of drawn to the concept – had Sham 69 released the fourteen tracks of That’s Life one by one, would it have made sense? I fear that while KynchinLay have so much to offer they are being prescriptive in the doses they allow the fans to hear.

However if you happen to be anywhere near where they are playing live, then I am sure it is a different story as the music that they do release on recording is of the highest quality and it is a pleasure to introduce KynchinLay to Emerging Indie Bands.


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I think I am set to retire – a consecutive review by Robbie, thank you Sir.

Cabwash is the collective name for five English artists local to London and Manchester: Insurance; Electrjc Guitar; Ruth Bate; Modern Blonde and Shelf. Thus far the collective has released two albums, an EP and three singles, and this article will explore all six entries.

Cabwash - a music collective from England


Off the Chain is an album from Modern Blonde, featuring striking tongue-in-cheek horror-themed artwork depicting a gun-toting werewolf and his monstrous pals. Opening track Warm Talking features soft synths and a simple electronic beat as the framework, whilst largely indecipherable and highly processed vocals lend the track an experimental air. As the album progresses it becomes clear that these elements are retained throughout, though in Halloween the effects processing used on the guitar tracks and reverb-saturated vocals lend the proceedings an air of shoegaze.

Unlike the majority of the release the vocals can be comprehended on the album’s 11th track, Plague, which resembles something akin to gloomy electronic pop. This is certainly no bad thing, and it provides a welcome rest for ears battered by the more eclectic tracks. Overall this is a fairly downtempo, experimental album that should appeal to those with a taste for something a bit more unusual.

The second release is another from Modern Blonde, this one titled Home Truths. From the off you are gently assaulted with vocals processed beyond all understanding and soft electronic percussion. From octave-shifting and vocoder effects, at times the release seems like one big experiment into the possibilities of sound processing, and while at times it can be a little hard on the ears it’s all fairly pleasant background listening.

Next up is the work of Ruth Bate, which from the get-go features more of those heavily processed elements; massive washes of synths, utterly mangled vocal elements and electronic drums. Every track gels completely with the next, and the collection certainly seems at home with the Cabwash incentive to produce creative and inspiring content. Ruth Bate also released a single titled This’ll Kill Ya, which despite its name is a petite slice of pretty electroacoustic music.

Gazebo, the only release so far from Shelf, begins life with the scratchy and somewhat 8-bit Shelf & Imagine, which sounds somewhat akin to several Nintendo Gameboys riding a wave of white noise and having a grand old time. As the electronic experimentation continues its course, the listener is treated to simple ambient soundscapes which would work well as the soundtrack to a lazy afternoon. The final track, Dolphin Surgery, weighs in at just under the 11 minute mark, and is essentially a huge wall of electronic noise which could very well consume your soul if you’re not careful.

The final ingredient within the collective is Electrjk Guitar, which so far represents a single song, perversely titled Millions of Songs. Sounding at this point much like the Modern Blonde output and fairly unremarkable, it stands as another piece of electronic music in the Cabwash collective.

This material is worthy of exploration beyond the sum of its parts; in time this collaboration could bear unique and exciting fruit which delves deep into the possibilities of electronic music. In order to do this each artist must continue to produce and define themselves, and in so doing learn their craft.

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Strangefruit – Jenny Maxwell (vocals / violin), Jamie Perrett (guitar / vocals), Peter Perrett (bass) and Dave Shaw (drums) – is an alt rock band from London in England.

Strangefruit - alt rock from England


Instantly, on hitting play, the observer is lifted on a blanket of sounds and from being part of the audience, becomes part of the experience. A melting-pot of melliferous mellifluent mellow music wraps the listener in a gauze from which there is no desire to escape as Strangefruit take over the thought processes.

There is much to highlight in the experience of spending time with the quartet, of most significance is the consummate ease with which they mix together global influences and styles to generate an atmosphere in to which there is a natural grace to the output. Without wishing to play-down other parts of the band, the crowning glory is with no doubt the mesmeric vocal, which works due to the abilities of the songwriters to wrest the best out of the vocal / instrumental combinations to provide for material of the highest order.

A recent release – the debut EP – Between The Earth and Sea should see the outfit gaining higher visibility, though I have a feeling more will be made of the who they sound like and where the music would fit rather than acknowledging Strangefruit is a superb band in their own right.


Between the Earth and Sea – EP – Strangefruit is available on iTunes*

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