Paddy Clegg

Paddy Clegg from Liverpool in England is an alt-folk musician.

Paddy Clegg - alt-folk from England

Paddy Clegg

The music by Paddy Clegg bounces across the room in cathartic bounds of eviscerating contemplation. There is an unfettered contextualism to the material that rejoices, as it simultaneously salves of the frictions of being alive.

Engaging tractions of sound tempt the listener aboard as Paddy Clegg explores his surroundings inside extractions of conceptual thinking. There is a nihilism that wraps up the audience in uncomplicated threads that reflect of conjectures of opportunities to come. There is a surprising positivity that lays within a genre which more usually poses past fleeting moments and it is this parabola which makes the sounds so intriguing.

Paring back the compositions to bare-bones Paddy Clegg is able to offer a differential that leaves the mind reflective of fortuitous opportunity waiting to be grasped, which marks the tracks out as something to add to the playlist.

Harking of off-beat up-lifting reggae on the one hand and simultaneously introspective Brit-pop the escarpments over which the compositions leap – reap of a full barn of safely harvested grain.

The ability Paddy Clegg has to eschew verisimilitude  to create honed music which is as honest as it sounds is a credit to his abilityto look in to his own heart, to create his music.

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Go Fiasco

From Liverpool in England emerge Daniel Duggan (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jamie Roberts (Guitar), Ben Murphy (Bass) and Liam Gardner (Drums) who form the alt-indie outfit Go Fiasco.

Go Fiasco - alt-indie from England

Go Fiasco

Having spent the past year learning their stage craft with an ever growing fan-base in the Northwest, Go Fiasco, have diverted some time to the studio with releases planned for later this year for the wider audience.

A superlative vocal rings around my head as the accompanying music shimmers across the room. The guitars develop an inter-play of psychotropic backdrop, with shoegazey reverb, whilst the bass and percussion provide a solid anchor of progression and the elements merge to provide the audience with an all engrossing aural delight.

There is an impressive confidence displayed by the quartet and it is difficult to reconcile that Go Fiasco is a relatively new formation. Having had the opportunity to hear some of their as yet unreleased material, 2015 should see the band go from strength to strength and well deserved it would be too.

Rumours are around of possibly a couple of EPs or maybe an LP to follow up their forthcoming single – Heaven – which is set for its official release on the 3rd October. Which ever way they decide to cut the follow-up, I can attest, from what I have heard, they will be pieces you will want to snap up immediately and I look forward to being able to review the material and share some of it with you as the dates draw closer.

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The Oscillation

The Oscillation from London in England is the drone trio of DC (vocals / Guitar), Tom Relleen (Bass), Valentina Magaletti (Drums).

The Oscillation - Drone from England

The Oscillation

As would be suggested by the name The Oscillation play with frequencies to deliver surging waves of sound which meander around the head like a throbbing pulse beating in the ear. The trio produce music which takes on curvilinear arcs across the room rising and falling across the mind in an ever expanding space.

Whilst on the surface tumescent, this is far from pretentious as The Oscillation fill the spaces with compositions which fill the brain with conundrums with which to grapple, yet make it easily approachable and that is their enviable quality.

The trio inter-play their contributions akin to graphite sheering from a pencil, smoothly laying down marks across the page.

Regularly turning out new pieces of music along with live appearances The Oscillation is a band I should have reviewed many years ago as they add considerably to the value of the world of creative talent.

Turn up the speakers, dim the lights and settle back prior to hitting play and the next you know it is the day after tomorrow.


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King & Scholes

King & Scholes from Liverpool in England is the alt-folk duo of Dave King (Vocals /Guitars / Banjo) and Dan Scholes (Piano / Ukulele / Programming).

King & Scholes - alt-folk from England

King & Scholes

As I often comment – music is of a moment – and King & Scholes are perfect examples of this. Introduced back in May with an audio feature, I thought at the time I wanted to get back to write more, but every-time I ventured to the reminder, it wasn’t the right moment – that is now rectified.

Compositions which pass a social commentary are delivered with a vocal that evokes images of weathered driftwood and it couldn’t suit any better. The musical accompaniment provides a lustre which highlights the voice and the listener is drawn into the resulting out-put. There is a timeless tint to the sounds, which are bereft of sashes, leaving the audience to draw their own embellishments.

The simple honesty of the sounds engage, without proscribing sentiment, which is not an easy feat to achieve and by taking time and space to consider the music, so it becomes more powerful.

Whilst making smartly produced studio recordings King & Scholes is a band to hear live and I sincerely hope that they release a live recording of their work as a full release, for those who don’t have the opportunity to see them on stage.

It is in a raw live performance that: The true intensity; Emotional connection with the songs and; Fluidity, of the duo comes to the fore. What do you think? – two versions of the same song –

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Tripwires from Reading in England is the psychedelic shoegaze quartet of Rhys, Joe, Ben and Sam Millionaire.

Tripwires - psychedelic shoegaze from England


As Tripwires mesmerically stream into the room, the listener has their mind expanded to capture the quantum of sounds which emerge. With a plethora of influences the quartet have tamed the tigers to provide the audience with music to unfurl their brain.

Whilst the tracks bustle with activity, it is almost as though the sounds are played in slow-motion, which gives the ears something of a sensory illusion, developing perceptible changes in the thinking processes as the tracks develop.  Whilst individual pieces are not overly long, the mind becomes so involved in the events occurring, that time stands still and much like a dream that only lasts a split second, the receiver is given the impression they have been hypnotised for many an hour.

Tripwires produce a sound that leaves the brain needing time to rebalance itself and is probably best not taken just before an important meeting, else others will get the impression you are tripping out. Any-time you are after some escapism, then the quartet is definitely to be added to the playlist.


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