Southern Brotherhood – Ode To Man – Audio

It has been over four years since the English blues quartet Southern Brotherhood last featured.

Southern Brotherhood - Ode To Man

Southern Brotherhood

On the 28th they will be releasing the bakers dozen plus one revision track LP Truth & Lies, which is available on bandcamp.

The verging on an hour album takes the listener on a journey of blues-rock through the decades and through geographical influence, playing almost as a compendium of the various sub-genres and a testament to the strength of songwriting and musicianship that it all falls in to place with the listener having no desire to wander away, other than to grab hold of another bottle of Bourbon.

It has been interesting to engage with the journey of the various incarnations of Southern Brotherhood since the start of the decade discovering a sound which has bloomed over the years from what was an earlier earnest intensity to what is now a calm self-assuredness.

The twelfth song is the haunting beauty that pulls from the Velvet Underground songsheet and my pick of the release Ode To Man.

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The Bright Lights – Missing Out – Single Review

The English new wave quartet The Bright Lights revealed their latest song yesterday.

The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights

Each of their three tracks, there are only three, has the assuredness of a well established musical act who must have been around for a long time with a vast international audience, however that is far from the reality – a matter of months in existence, no website, no social media page and only a small imprint on soundcloud to evidence their existence – not even hint of live performance – yet they have already established themselves deep in to my psyche and I look forward to featuring them over the coming years.

The new song is named Missing Out – appropriately too – as, in my view, far too many are…

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The Reytons – Alcopops & Charity Shops – EP Review

The English garage quartet, The Reytons, released the EP Alcopops & Charity Shops on the 3rd.

The Reytons

The Reytons

The searing energy can be felt warming up the room through the speakers, which I do suggest are turned up as loudly as possible prior to hitting play.

A quartet of talented musicians, who have rapidly established a keen following that can only but be built on by the five songs on EP, which is available on bandcamp.

Each track takes the listener to a different decade and reflects of British rock at that moment in time.

On The back Burner, the opener, throws the listener to ’70s new wave – which is a track that is worth the price of Alcopops & Charity Shops on its own and would typically be my pick of the release, though such is the depth to the EP, it isn’t.

Next, Harrison Lesser, is a reminder of ’80s indie as the audience reminisces of Factory Records.

The middle song Ghost is drawn from ’90s Britpop with its sense of optimistic revivalism.

The penultimate – Please Don’t Call It Time – takes the listener back to ’50s merseybeat and jiving feet.

Closing out the EP – Low Life – my pick of the release – which is the bang up to date ’10s of the palpable pent-up frustration of garage-rock.


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Exam Season – Cool Beans – Audio

The English emo quartet Exam Season released the EP Smol on the 3rd.

Exam Season

Exam Season

Four tracks of self-deprecating worrisome introspection which is available on bandcamp.

The quartet are not only capable lyric writers deftly able to switch between the insignificantly absurd and the important in interchangeable lines, they are also able to craft the songs to thread those mood shifts with the listener both quietly chuckling along with the dry humour, while dabbing away tears of sadness drawn by the imagery of the barren infertile landscape of a world all too often riven by indifference to others plight.

Cool Beans is the penultimate track

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Karma Roulette – Riot Act – Single Review

Karma Roulette, the English grunge quintet, released the single Riot Act on the 27th.

Karma Roulette

Karma Roulette

Riot Act, their début single, indicates of a band who immediately need to be added to the ‘essentials to get through life’ playlist with their impressive sound.

A quiet confidence affords Karma Roulette the temptation to try and do things slightly differently and rather than utilising the two guitars to do more than add volume, speed or melody to the composition they work as buffers, each virtually cancelling out the inflections of the chords of the other, creating an absorbing flattened structure to the track through which a puddling percussion splashes mud out of the speakers while it is the bass that adds the layered sonics with the measured and well judged vocal wrapping itself around the audience, leaving them looking forward to hearing more in short order.

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