Wild Forest – Riddle – Single Review

The Denmark based drifting-rock quintet Wild Forest released the single Riddle a few hours ago.

Wild Forest - Riddle - artwork

Wild Forest – Riddle – artwork

Those of longer stay may well recognise Ned Gale who is a member of the quintet, along with his sister Marie Antonie who plays drums, combined with Rasmus Møller,
Frederik Hvenegaard and Lasse Solevad in Wild Forest – the sounds take on a wispier and more expansive sentiment.

The just over six minute composition (available on bandcamp) drifts around the room in layers of synths and instrumentation which offer the listener a soft pillow on which to lay their head and unwind, allowing their minds to flow in to thoughts of fantastical imagination, as the unhurried piece rests upon the ears.

With a trio of singles behind them, my hope is that in short order Wild Forest will package a collection of songs together in an LP as the output is best enjoyed in extended play.

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BLUSH LIFE – Your Mind’s Like The Earth – Audio

BLUSH LIFE is a new Danish Britpop project.



The first track to surface – Your Mind’s Like The Earth – makes no pretence of its derivations and whilst the listener is easily transposed to the Madchester scene – in the just over three minutes of the track the audience discerns a freshness and vitality behind the listless vocal and glazed staring eyes.

Word arrives of the début EP being set for April and this, by the sound of the one piece around, will be something to put on the playlist for weekend party benders.

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Another Juggle

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nikolaj DalsgaardEmil Eggert ScherrebeckAnders Cederblad and Thomas Haahr form the synth-wave band Another Juggle.

Another Juggle - photo credit Thomas Rasmussen

Another Juggle – photo credit Thomas Rasmussen

The almost weightless sounds float like feathers in the air with an easy lilt, but rather than being carried away in the breeze with little regard, the feathers are fascinating for their textures and colours. Another Juggle are able to produce sounds which are on cursory glance unremarkable, however there is more to the output than mere easy listening backdrops.

The quartet create tracks that find the synths rolling through the room in spacious gliding steps with the guitar adding to the feeling of elegant unobtrusiveness, whilst the percussion and bass paint darker shadows and the lyrics deliver melancholic reportage delivered with a slight echo which gives the sound its intrigue.

It will be interesting to discover how Another Juggle are able to capitalise on the release of the LP Dance Sunshine, Dance which came out on the 29th of January as the ten track album takes the listener from virtual pop to some delightfully dark thoughts, which inevitabely are the tracks that capture my attention.

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Dance Sunshine, Dance – Another Juggle is available on iTunes.*

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Java Skull

Java Skull an alternative blues duo from Copenhagen in Denmark is Marco Burro and Onkel Jakob.

Java Skull - alternative blues from Denmark

Java Skull – Photo Credit: Morten Aagaard Krogh.

Shards of gravel roll out of the speakers as Java Skull take blues to garage and emerge with an obliquely welded landscape. The earthy sounds reflect of a cynical disposition and provide the listener with imagery of climbing on fracturing slate, as each hold proves treacherous and precarious, likely to sheer at any moment and for that very tenuous hold becomes a fascinating attraction.

The duo even manage to inflect references to Shinnaibushi, providing a fascinating journey of influences, which provide the listener with a sound that captivates. Whilst both experienced musicians and evidently well studied, with references heading back to 17th century Japan, they are able to deliver all the rough edges needed to make the music engaging and alive.

Having formed as a spin-off from a band break-up in 2012, it will be interesting to see whether they elect to add further players to the line-up. What I particularly enjoy about Java Skull is their ability to take their musical prowess and avoid making it a cliché of pretentious twaddle, rather delivering music which is accessible to all.


Java Skull – The Devil’s Looking For You is available on iTUnes*.

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