Miners Outfit – Through Your Skin – Single Review

The Danish romantic-rock quartet Miners Outfit released the single Through Your Skin on the 14th.

Miners Outfit - Through Your Skin

Miners Outfit

Light the candles at a dinner-table for two whilst gazing deeply in to your partners eyes prior to hitting play to fully engage with Through Your Skin, a song which immediately presents an invitation to a graceful glide over the dance-floor.

If, by the conclusion of the just under four minute song, you are pondering heading back to the table for the candle-lit supper, rather than skip eating and heading straight to the bedroom, I posit your dinner-partner is someone with whom you find little frisson and you are thereby listening to the wrong soundtrack to accompany the moment in which you are engaged.

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Chiro – Bender – Video

The Danish metal quartet Chiro are set to release the LP Tunnel later this year.



From the forthcoming album the second track to appear Bender threads a knot of dark oppressive guitar that unhurriedly herds the listener in to the corner of the room with its menacing, prowling presence as Chiro deliver a composition that is riven with sense of a predator waiting to pounce.

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The Petulant – My Caesar – Video

The Danish death-metal quartet The Petulant release the LP Dictum next month.

The Petulant

The Petulant

Grinding across the room like a bad tempered bear My Ceasar, the first reveal from the forthcoming album, has a dark foreboding presence that casts long shadows over the listener. The Petulant don’t hurry the composition leaving the growling guitar and vocal combinations room to slowly unfurl the doom-laden countenance.

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Luster – You’ve Got The Heat – Audio

Luster is an electro-indie quartet from Denmark.

Luster - Photo credit Peter Troest

Luster – Photo credit Peter Troest

With only a couple of tracks that I have been able to hear Luster have an infectious quality that captures attention – more so in their most most recent reveal You’ve Got The Heat a beat that finds the heart pumping in syncopation with the joie de vivre that skips through the room and the listener finds themselves subconsciously swaying to the tempo.

Given the difference between the two pieces, the earlier – Good Dreamer being a more layered melancholia – this is an outfit I look forward to hearing more of in short order as by which ever thread Luster choose to hang the fruit they are capable of delivering a track that soaks in to the limbic system, taking the audience with them.

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The Bowdashes – In Control – Audio

The Danish dark-rock outfit The Bowdashes are currently putting finishing touches to their début EP.

The Bowdashes

The Bowdashes

There is a deep bass, with strings slung so loosely the listener can practically touch them, so necessarily The Bowdashes are immediately on my essential music playlist. The gloomy atmosphere has an inherent beauty in which the audience wants to sell their soul at any-price as the growling just over three minutes of In Control rumbles through the speakers. A deft minor chord change part way through the song adds an unexpected allure and you just know these are a talented duo of musicians.

Already establishing a regular live performance schedule the EP will, with fortune, afford The Bowdashes wider audience and an outfit I look forward to hearing much more of in short order.

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